Benefits of Implementing Telecommuting Policy

Telecommuting, also known as tele-working, is a work arrangement for employees wherein they have flexibility to choose the location and hours for their working. In such kind of arrangement, employees have advantage of using various technologies to stay connected with their team-members even when they are not in the office. People are implementing such type of work-life balance program as a substitute for long-distance traveling, saving money on high gasoline prices etc.

The telecommuting policy is not only beneficial for employees but it is also very beneficial for employers of all sectors. Here under are some of the benefits that an employer will enjoy after implementing telecommuting policy:

1. Saves on Cost: Tele-working reduces expenses or cut costs associated with infrastructure and office overheads. The reduction in office occupancy can be utilized in other business activities to generate more value for the business.

2. Improves Productivity: The increase in productivity has been observed in several companies by adopting telecommuting methods. It is due to the fact that employees are saving on time invested on traveling and utilizing their potential only in bringing the best efforts for the company. Moreover, there are no interruptions that occur in a working business environment.

3. Improves Motivation Level: The motivation level in the employees is improved as they want to deliver value to the trust and confidence bestowed by the employer on them. They work more dedicatedly in order to show their caliber from remote location and thus help in increasing the rate of business profitability.

4. Employee Retention: There is always a huge demand of top performers in the industry. No business would like to lose a talent due to their family responsibilities. By providing flexible work environment, company will be able to retain skilled and experienced employees.

5. Enhancing Customer Service: It also helps in improving customer service by extending the working day without extra costs. Businesses can create a working pattern wherein they can divide the working hours to become available at unsocial hours to provide complete customer satisfaction.

Many businesses have realized the importance of implementing telecommuting policies in their work culture. If you feel that your employees are unsatisfied with working pattern and are therefore looking out for a job change, then you should not wait more and propose them a good work-life balance program.

You can take consultation from one of the workplace consultancies to help you in developing a work-life balance program for better business output and improved employee satisfaction.