English Writing As a Way to Improve Your English

How do you think about English writing and about your English as a second language learner?

The two questions are tough, but meaningful. English writing is very important at any rate so far. You see, no matter where you go and no matter when you need English, you will find various kinds of writings in English swarm into your eyes. Of course, you cannot refuse them and you needn’t. The English writing can help you learn your English as a second language learner.

When you want to write English, you need to use English vocabulary and grammar as well as the English way of thinking.

Vocabulary is the first threshold you need to pass over. You may think you can learn it by reciting everyday. Yes, it is a method, but so ineffective really. You may forget what you recited very easily in short time. But if you put what you have learned into passages or paragraphs, your work will become easier and more effective. You know when you use some word, you think about it and make up sentences by inserting it into some places unexpected.

As for grammar, you always feel boring or something. But when you put it into your sentences, you will feel how inconceivable you are, for at once you realize that the tedious grammar becomes easier to learn with fun. Certainly if you have higher aspiration, you may use English rhetoric, which may help you understand better about this language and grammar.

At last, you need to try to think in an English way. And by writing this language, you will learn how people in American and Britain think generally, for you can think carefully how to knit every good sentence in English. And you feel much!