Focus Defined and Explained

Do you have trouble focusing on whatever you are working on? Do you struggle to finish projects you have started? How do you know if you have problem with keeping focus? If you have a number of partly finished projects collecting dust, or if you constantly get angry with yourself for not following through with what you start, you have trouble focusing.

The solution lies within you. You are able to get things done, to finish what really matters when you harness the ability to Focus.

This article will give you some important steps to take to get focus. Focus is the ability to concentrate on something (a project, goal or opportunity) until completion.

Why is focus crucial to your success?

  • You are clear about what you want to do and what is important to you.
  • It helps you map a route to your goals and objectives
  • You avoid distractions
  • It helps you work efficiently
  • It helps you find specific steps to achieving your goals.
  • The ability to focus gives you the tools you need to expand your awareness and experience. That is why it is important to focus on what you want, and not focus on what you don’t want. Because you get what you focus on, your thoughts are a vital part of the process of getting what you want.

    Zoom out:

    It is important to see the big picture. When you see the whole situation from a distance you get clarity. It also helps you to see the path you need to take to get where you want. When you see the big picture you are able to focus on doing the things you need to do to carry out what is most important to you.

    Zoom in:

    Once you have seen the big picture it is time to narrow in on the moment. Focus on the now, the present moment. All your energy and attention is on one thing. Every project has many steps from start to finish.

    After you have identified the smallest steps determine what your first step is. You can focus on each small step that needs to be done immediately and make progress.

    Combine the views:

    Once you have joined the big picture and aligned your narrow focus you have truly experienced the power of focus. With your ability to focus you have the path to use your abilities and expertise to meet your goals. Success is yours.