How to Stay Sane and Stable

There have been many explanations proposed for such pendulumlike behavior. From allergies to heredity, they all seem plausible. In Ayurveda an imbalance among all three doshas is considered to be the underlying cause. The body is unable to stabilize and harmonize the daily wear and tear of environmental influences. Vata speeds up, going too fast, and is not able to turn on the digestive fire of pitta. Kapha steps in and tries to stabilize the doshas, but everything may get stuck, creating a “beehive stuck in the mud. “ The Ayurvedic point of view teaches that you must respect the interactive nature of the body and the emotions, diet, and habits known as addictions. Through this understanding and the use of Ayurvedic practices and remedies, you may be able to even out distressingly dramatic mood swings.

Adopting the appropriate Daily Lifestyle Regimen will help re-balance your doshas and your emotions; be sure to do your yoga Sun Salutations and alternate-nostril breathing faithfully. In addition you may try the following specific remedies on a daily basis, and particularly when a bad mood strikes. Mexican online pharmacy

Drink warm milk combined with 1 teaspoon jatamansi (Nordostachys jatamansi) and 1/2 teaspoon each yogaraj and triphala.
Eat 2 dates.

Taste: Favor sweet, sour, and salty foods and herbs, such as those contained in winter churna.
Smell: Sweet, warm aromas such as jasmine, rose, and sage help stabilize moods.
Sight: Color therapy using blue-green or violet may be helpful.
Hearing: Listen to the sunrise, midmorning, and sunset ragas during the appropriate times of day.
Touch: In addition to the daily sesame oil massage, massage your ears twice a day. Also massage the Ajna shanka marma point (page 291) for 60 seconds a day, using firm pressure and a clockwise motion.

It is very important to practice breathing relaxation techniques such as pranayama. Practicing pranayama daily promotes calmness, awareness and increased acuity. Pranayama triggers the nervous and endocrine system by increasing oxygen into the bloodstream. Pranayama is a mild purification technique that opens up the channels of finer energies of the body.

Ayurveda has a simple program of taking ashwagandha, shatavari, and shankpusphi for stress release. Take a pinch of nutmeg with ghee it’s very relaxing can help induce sleep.

Mind is studied according to its psychological constitution known as sattwa, rajasic and tamasic. Sattwa is a person who is relaxed and composed all the time and it takes a lot to ruffle his/her feathers. Rajasi means a mental constitution where the mind is always busy, interested in everything. Tamasic mind type is a lethargic and lazy mind. Learn Ayurveda and understand how to stay sane and stable.