Sanskrit Conference: Preference Shall Be Given To Sanskrit

The organizers of upcoming “Sanskrit” conference in the year 2012 have already clarified their stand by announcing that they will give more weight to the science subjects. I have been observing the Sanskritists since some forty years with dismay. By the word science they mean Astronomy, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology. According to these University-products of the English-adopted-children, no shastra like Vyaakarana, Nyaaya, Vedanta is science! Dear University-based Sanskritists! Please explain me why there is a word ‘Political Science’ in your English ? How it is science according to your definition? The Sociologists say that the Sociology is science of society. How can you defend them? Or in your opinion, are they erring in defining their subject?

The real environment of Sanskrit is seen in the gurukulas and Paathashaalaas, where the students recite Amarakosha, participate in Antyaaksharii, some times even create own verses rapidly. But in the fake ‘Sanskrit’ seminars, any Tom, Dick and Harry air their views on Samskrithi and Samskrita.

Try to imagine a situation where in a seminar of Zoologists a person who does not know Zoology gives statements as ‘‘Zoologists shall be encouraged by the Government. Unfortunately, Government is not doing anything regarding encouragement of Zoology. It shall be denounced.” All the Zoologist will clap.

Can you imagine this? Never.

In most of the cases, a non-Zoologist is not invited to even clap to the talks of Zoologists.

But the Sanskritists, being shameless, invite Scientsts to present their paper in Sanskrit-seminars. If the seminar is concentrating on science subjects, the lion’s share is of scientists and the Sanskritists’ entry may be some times from the back door. After all, the paper presentation is in English. So everything is OK!

The scientists have not fallen from the heavens. Not focusing on the subject is not rare even among them. Sometimes, the title they are given has the word ‘manuscripts’ (like, ‘The rare Sanskrit manuscripts of mathematics’). In such a case, hardly they pronounce the word manuscript or never utter it. Various scripts are there in the manuscripts and since the scientists don’t know them, they do not touch the subject. Then, why they are allowed to use the word ‘manuscript’ in the title of their papers?

The arrangements for the Delhi conference are already started, it appears. Good.

This shall be real Sanskrit-conference. The organizers shall not accept the papers of non-Sanskritists.

It has to concentrate on various challenges or problems of Sanskrit writers, Sanskrit periodicals, publication Sanskrit thesis, readership and review of Sanskrit works, living traditions of Vedic recitations, training courses of Sanskrit writing, scholars of modern era who have written and have been writing Shastric works and even Krodapatras, contribution of Sanskrit printing /publishing companies like Nirnayasagara, Chowkhamba and Motilal Banarasidas so on and so forth. These are the real Sanskrit issues.

Government shall encourage more (bogus) projects and has to rain more funds(so that devouring will become easier!)- these are the fake issues.

Jagannatha – About the Author:

I born in the year 1956, I would like to become fulltime writer in Sanskrit.

Aabhaanakajagannatha, a collection of 1300 of my own Sanskrit proverbs is recently published.

My another work is, ‘dve mukhe(two faces)’. It is a work of two humorous long poems. It is available at ‘Serene Woods. com’ As per my knowledge goes, this is the first time a Sanskrit work is published online.