Stop Panic Attacks From Stopping You!

Anxiety is on an unprecedented rise today and more people are looking for ways to stop panic attacks other than having to resort to prescription medication, which can be highly addictive and cause severe side effects… not to mention how costly they can be. So the question of how to cure anxiety attacks deserves attention. Some of the most-well known and accepted solutions are herbal (natural) medications and mental strategies.

When a person has a panic attack it is a very real physical reality. Many people, those who have obviously never had to deal with one, try to explain panic disorders as being “all in your head”. But there are bodily symptoms that are related with these episodes. Your bloodstream is assaulted by a flood of adrenaline and you are hit by a tsunami of fear. This combination causes your heart to start racing and it feels like you’re going to explode!

This is your body’s reaction to the adrenaline… the increasing blood supply triggers the heart pounding, causes the body and face to flush and can create many other unpleasant effects. In order for this attack on the system to subside, your mind needs to stop the rush of adrenaline. The trick is to figure out a way to control, or calm your mind while all this is happening. Or better yet, find a way to prevent it from taking place at all.

It Really is Possible To Stop Panic Attacks…

First of all you need to relax. “No kidding”! I can hear you say. I understand it’s a tall order to simply “relax” when you’re dealing with a full-blown episode, but in order to stop panic attacks, it is imperative that you bring your mind and body into a more relaxed and calm state. One exercise that really does help achieve this is deep breathing.

Many sufferers are able to completely control panic attacks through various learned techniques of deep breathing. Start by talking yourself down… center your mind around the truth of the situation that what is happening is just a panic attack, nothing more. It is not as serious as it seems.

Try to breathe as slowly as you can. Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth. Do your best to hold your breathe for a few seconds after inhaling – this has a calming effect on your mind and body, prompting your system to relax.

You will need to do all you can to talk yourself through the episode. Mentally you are thinking that the worst possible scenario is about to happen, that you are about to die. Now, close your eyes, (only if you can, not like if you’re driving or something where you need your eyes open!) and tell yourself that what is happening is absolutely not an emergency, that there is no need for panic and that you are going to stay calm.

Keep talking to yourself. Too often when a panic attack hits, the victim keeps thinking and repeating panicky statements throughout the episode. You must replace the negative reactions with positive affirmations and proper, reasonable thinking. Continue repeating, to yourself, the reality and truth of the situation. Don’t concentrate on the thought that your heart is going to explode, but on the fact that you are simple experiencing a surge of adrenaline that is causing your heart-rate to quicken and that it is soon going to stop when you calm down.

You should also take some measures that provide you with proof that you are fine. Get a physical, and have your heart tested to make sure it is healthy. Armed with this knowledge you can tell yourself, during the attack, when you fear a heart-attack is taking place, that all is fine. Your doctor said you have a healthy heart, and what is happening is simply a silly little panic attack.