Stop Smoking Hypnosis

Every eight seconds, someone on the planet dies from tobacco use. According to the World Health Organisation, smoking related disease kills one in ten adults globally; this translates into more than four million deaths each year.

In the face of these horrifying figures why do smokers still continue with this lethal habit? One of the reasons is that many people worry that if they give up cigarettes they might eat more and consequently put on weight. In my experience this is one of the main motivations for smoking, especially amongst younger smokers. One may find it hard to accept that anyone would continue to smoke, as a means of managing their food intake; running the risk of destroying their health with tobacco rather than managing their weight in a healthy way. But the belief that cigarette smoking is an acceptable way to manage and control weight holds a powerful grip over young, impressionable minds.

It is true that many people who stop smoking put on some weight, they find that that they tend to eat more, for a variety of reasons;

When you stop smoking your sense of taste and smell improves quite quickly. As the taste buds in the mouth and the smell receptors in the nose heal, food tastes much better. The eating experience becomes more enjoyable so there is an inclination to overeat.
For some people when they stop smoking they miss having something to do with their hands and mouth. Their tobacco habit kept them busy, but now it feels awkward, so they resort to sweets and chocolate.
Some smokers use cigarettes to deflect their attention from an uncomfortable feeling or emotion. Smoking was a way to distract the smoker from feelings of stress, anxiety, boredom, loneliness or any other feeling or emotion. When the smoking stops and the underlying emotion is not dealt with then there may be an urge towards emotional eating.
You can stop smoking and manage your weight easily, using hypnosis. Hypnosis is a powerful way to quit smoking and embark upon a healthier lifestyle. It is a very pleasant, yet effective way to alter your thinking and motivations at a subconscious level, so you are not totally dependent upon willpower to affect the change. However, as well as dealing with the smoking habit the hypnotherapy needs to address all of the items noted above so that you can continue to eat healthily and maintain your body weight. The session should always include;

Suggestions for eating, healthy, foods in appropriate portions to maintain your ideal weight. In addition it is often a good idea for the client to have available some sugar free mints or gum to keep both hands and mouth occupied over the initial weeks of quitting.
I like to get permission from the client to include suggestions designed to encourage exercise. Not only does this help to maintain healthy body weight but it helps the cardio-vascular system to heal and strengthen much quicker.
The therapist should follow up with the client after about two weeks to make sure that there is no evidence of emotional eating. If there is the client should be encouraged to return to therapy to address the underlying emotions which are driving the distracting behaviors.

The combined benefits of quitting smoking and improved eating and exercise habits are incredible. You will enjoy a significant change in your energy levels whilst at the same time increasing your fitness and radically reducing your chances of contracting a serious lifestyle related disease or illness. So if you really want to stop smoking but have concerns about putting on weight, find an experienced hypnotherapist who can provide tailored suggestions to encourage you to eat healthy, wholesome foods and enjoy regular vigorous exercise, as well as help you get rid of that poisonous, smelly smoking habit. A healthy lifestyle is the only sensible long term way to manage weight, stay slim and feel good. Hypnosis makes it possible to stop smoking and at the same time manage your weight in a meaningful way.