The Most Common Toddler Allergies

It is very common to come across people who are allergic to some or the other substance and according to various studies about 50 million people in the US suffer from some or the other form of allergy. A lot of studies have been conducted by pediatricians and allergists about toddler allergies and the results of such studies have proved that a toddler has about 50 percent chances of being allergic to various substances if one parent has an allergy although the chances of the toddler carrying the same allergy are rare. Some studies have also pointed out that if both parents are allergic to substances then there are 75 percent chances that the toddler would also be allergic to some or the other substance. The most common of all the allergies reported for toddlers are the milk allergy and food allergy although there are many toddlers who are allergic to dust, mites, cockroaches and pollen too. It is important that you observe your child closely for any signs of allergies and if you see anything which is not normal then please see pediatrician as soon as possible.

Toddler allergies can be put into various groups based on the causes for allergies, allergy to milk, eggs, nuts (peanuts and tree nuts), fish and cereals (especially wheat) are the most common. The possible symptoms of these allergies are appearance of rashes or boils on the skin, vomiting, diarrhea and wheezing are the most common and visible symptoms which can be seen if the child is allergic to milk. Cow milk is believed to be the primary cause for milk allergies however it is not uncommon to come across toddlers who are allergic even to the soy milk or milk obtained from other animals like goats, sheep or buffaloes. The symptoms of milk allergy can be seen in toddlers within minutes or a couple of hours from the time of consumption of milk and it is highly advisable that you rush your kid to hospital or call the emergency number for help if the child is feeling breathlessness. Many toddlers are allergic to eggs, fish, peanuts, tree nuts and wheat
protein and the only way of dealing with such allergies is by strictly avoiding the food item the kid is allergic to.

The occurrence of toddler allergies caused due to dust, mites, cockroaches and pollens is also very common and the possible symptoms are sneezing, running nose and itching. The best way to deal with such allergies is by keeping the environs of your home clean. Many parents get confused between food allergies and food intolerance and it is advisable that you visit a doctor and get a thorough check done by a
pediatrician or allergist before you form any opinion about it. Many toddlers grow out of certain allergies and intolerance for a particular food item with age and might become receptive to the food by the time they are about 8-10 years old. There is no medication for allergies and the only way to deal with such situation is complete avoidance of the substance. The only medication available is for hay fever which can be tackled by giving shots to the toddler. If your child spends time with caretakers or babysitters then it is advisable that you keep the informed about the allergies and give them clear instructions about the food the kid is allergic to, the symptoms and the action that needs to be taken if the kid eats the food he or she is allergic to. This would help in keeping the child safe and healthy.