Why Low Calorie Diet Plans Don’t Work

Have you been thinking of, or are you currently doing a low calorie diet plan as a means to lose weight rapidly? If so, stop right now! Take just a few minutes to read this article to find out why low calorie diets don’t work!

All too often it happens that people follow the instructions of popular low calorie diet plans in an effort to lose body fat. Many men and women have devoted themselves to this type of weight loss method for a few weeks only to discover that they have lost very little weight, if any. This is a common problem, and as a result, good men and women are left believing that weight loss is impossible. So what happens? Many dieters completely give up on their diet.

The primary reason why low-calorie diets don’t work is because relying solely on low-calorie foods actually keeps the body in a state of malnourishment. If you are, or ever have participated in low-calorie dieting, chances are you have already experienced feelings of sickness and exhaustion. If this sounds like you, then you already know you don’t have the energy needed to perform a rigorous exercise regimen, let alone do your normal daily activities. All of these events occur because your metabolic rate is low!

Tip: Your metabolic rate (metabolism) must remain high if you want to burn fat, and keep from gaining weight.

If you want to lose weight successfully, you must remember the following two things:

1. Calories can help you lose weight! Calories can be a good source of nutrition and energy for your body. Calories come from food, and nutritious foods will boost your metabolism, which will result in weight loss!

I understand that it can be hard to stay away from junk food, but if you really want to lose unwanted body fat, and get a lean firm body, you absolutely must eliminate junk food from your daily diet. Think about this: you can eat10 apples every single day without getting fat (even though one apple contains almost 100 calories), or you could eat10 burgers, and be guaranteed that you will get fat!

Positive note: You will save your waistline and your money by ridding junk food from your life, and replacing it with water, fruit, vegetables, nuts, and lean high protein meats.

It is important that you not consume empty calories (junk food) but embrace negative calorie foods, like fruits and vegetables. Negative calorie foods do contain calories. The difference is: in order to digest these negative calorie foods, your body will be forced to burn more calories than what these foods provide! The end result is a calorie deficit that causes weight loss!

2. It is vital that you gain muscle and maintain it: Did you know that muscles are maintained by the calories you burn? Basically this means the more muscle you have, the quicker you can lose weight! Eating protein-rich foods is one way to gain muscle; working out regularly is another. Combine the two and you will be able gain muscle and burn fat faster than ever before.

Positive note: eating high protein foods will help suppress your appetite, which in turn will keep you from overeating.

Eating low-calorie foods will not help you gain muscle and burn fat; instead you become more susceptible to LOSING muscles. If you do not have enough lean muscle, you cannot easily burn fat since your metabolism will remain low. This is just one more reason why low calorie diets don’t work!

Low calorie diets help you lose water and muscles. You may think you have lost quite a few pounds, but unfortunately you have not lost the FAT! If you don’t burn fat, you will not become fit!

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