Working With South Florida Executive Recruiters

South Florida executive recruiters come in three basic types: Corporate, Third Party, and Contingency. Although their main pain is the same- to find qualified and desirable new employees for an organization, each is compensated differently for the recruits they procure. Since this affects how they deal with you, recruiter compensation is an aspect well-worth understanding.

Understanding Your Recruiter’s Interests

The most important thing to remember about any South Florida executive recruiter is that they are working for a company wishing to hire employees, not for you, the job seeker. Why is this an important distinction? Because they will be mainly concerned with getting the best deal for the company and themselves, rather than finding the best opportunity for you. That’s why it’s critical to understand how the recruiter you’re dealing with is motivated. Both Corporate and Third Party recruiters are paid a portion of their fee up-front, and the remainder is paid once the position in question has been filled. However, Corporate recruiters are generally allied with only one company. While working with a company allied Corporate recruiter could be more beneficial to job seekers looking to work for a specific organization, Third Party and Contingency recruiters can offer a wider pool of choices.

Understanding the details of recruiter compensation can also help you determine which recruiter type will be more likely to get the kind of offer you’re looking for. Contingency recruiters are paid nothing up-front, and gain compensation only if the company hires one of their candidates, so contingency recruiters may be more motivated to place people into jobs as quickly as possible, without looking for other options. If hiring speed is what you want, then contingency recruiters may be your best bet. On the other hand, third party recruiters are typically rewarded with compensation amounting to 20-30% of a placed candidate’s first year’s salary. This means that third party recruiters will be on the lookout for the highest possible starting salary- for you and for themselves.

Separating The Wheat From The Chaff

Generally, the quality of the job you get through a South Florida recruiting firm will depend on the skill and experience of your recruiter. So how do you separate the amateurs from the professionals? It’s actually fairly easy. The most obvious sign of an amateur is soliciting your resume for no apparent reason, and without taking the time for an informative interview. Professional recruiters will ask questions about your current job needs and wants, your educational and experiential background, and your familial situation. They want to make sure the candidates they offer the companies they’re working for are good ones- or they won’t be working with those companies again. After sending you on an interview, they will always get feedback from the company, to help them better understand what the company is looking for, and place you in a desirable position. Working with a South Florida executive recruiter can be an effective way to get the job you want, and understanding how to choose a situation which will best serve your mutual interests will ensure that you choose the right recruiter to work with, making your job hunt into a bona fide win-win scenario.