How To Get Rid Of Pimples

How to get rid of pimples? The fact is there are various ways to treat your pimples, depending on the individual. I had pimples and acne back in my teenage days. Yes, it is traumatic, painful and embarrassing as well. Back in those days, there were only a couple of over-the-counter pimple products to treat my pesky pimples. I had even tried numerous home remedies for pimples.

Anyway, here are some advice and tips on how to get rid of zits:

1. My first advice is avoid squeezing or picking at pimples. As it only causes them to become more reddish in color and inflamed. In addition, it causes the bacteria to spread and that will aggravate the condition. The worst part of squeezing or popping zits is it can lead to permanent scars on your face!.

2. What you should do is apply an ice pack over the pimples and leave it there for about two three minutes. This can decrease the swelling and redness considerably; so is the pain and inflammation.

3. Another popular way to get rid of pimples which I had tried back then is by applying a little dab of toothpaste over them. Leave it overnight and wash it away the next morning. It worked for me then.

4. You should cleanse your skin 2 or 3 times a day with mild, unscented soap. Gently scrub your affected skin areas with a washcloth. Remember not to rub too hard, as this will irritate your skin and this can cause more damage to your pimples.

5. Use pimple creams which contain benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid. A word of caution. Do not overuse, as these ingredients can dry out your skin. Definitely not suitable for those with sensitive skin.

6. For ladies, it is advisable to use oil-free makeup. It is obvious that oil is the main cause of pimple outbreak. Another important thing is you should remove and wash it off thoroughly well before you go to bed.

7. This is another common home remedy to reduce swelling and redness. Gently press a wet tea bag or a cotton swab soaked with fresh lemon juice against the blemish for five minutes.

Other than these seven tips on how to get rid of pimples, what you need to do is have a well-balanced diet. Eat a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid oily or spicy food. Drink adequate water and if your pimples are getting infectious, then you need to see a dermatologist.

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