Introducing The Linden Method Founder: Charles Linden

Charles Linden is a former sufferer of debilitating anxiety disorders, the developer of the Linden Method, and the founder of the Linden Center. Linden put together his own approach that now gives relief to other people who suffer from anxiety, all because he was not able to locate any assistance to relieve is own symptoms. Through the Linden Method, an online product, and through the Linden Center, his anxiety clinic, Charles bundled together all that he had discovered after almost 2 decades of suffering and started to give assistance to other sufferers.

Starting at about the age of twelve, Charles developed symptoms of anxiety. He was in grammar school at the time, and found it extremely difficult to attend trips with his class, and impossible to get up and talk in front of other students. Doctors prescribed anti-depressants, but they offered no relief. From the age of twelve on, he was an underachiever, full of anxiety, isolated and alone.

He was so full of panic and anxiety that he became agoraphobic by the time he reached his twenties. Other than visiting the hospital or his doctors, he never left his home. Doctors came close to throwing up their hands and giving up, because none of the traditional anxiety drugs were effective.

Ultimately, to see if he could come up with his own recovery solution, Charles Linden began talking to recovered anxiety sufferers to figure out what they were doing. Charles established a set of rules to live by through data that he gained from talking to hundreds of former sufferers. Almost over night, measurable results occurred once these principles were put into effect. As soon as he began sharing his new information informally, other people who were also victims of anxiety started to get healthier. This method is born out of his own personal suffering and his own personal success in overcoming an extremely debilitating anxiety problem.

Having now helped over one hundred thirty five thousand people worldwide, 42 year old Charles Linden continues to offer The Linden Method. Linden is a regular contributor to numerous publications such as OK Magazine, Natural Health and and he is also working at The Linden Center in the UK as a private counselor. He is chairman of the International Association of Anxiety Management and contributes to BBC radio.

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