Is Separation Good For My Marriage?

When your marriage is facing a few problems, most people would tell you to ride things out. They would say that problems, especially in such a complex arrangement as marriage, are par for the course. And, that is good advice.

However, when your marriage begins to face so many problems for such as long time that no solution seems to be in sight, then you really need to get on the ball and start exploring your options. You are not doing yourself, your spouse, or your kids (if you have kids) any favors by just grinning and bearing it when the situation in your marriage becomes too impossible to live with day-to-day.

The good news is that, in today’s self-help-oriented world, there is a huge range of options for people involved in marriages that are not working. The options range from self-help books & seminars, marriage counseling, and the support of family and friends… all the way to separation and divorce.

If you are wondering, “Is separation good for my marriage?”, check out these 3 pros and cons of separation:

3 Pros of Marriage Separation:

Here are 3 potential benefits to marital separation:

  • Pro #1: Get some breathing room:
  • Marital separation provides you with the chance to live apart for a while as you work out your problems, seek counseling, and take a break from the constant discomfort and fighting. Basically, you get a chance for some breathing room and to clear your head.

  • Pro #2: Keep legal and financial status of a married couple:
  • Separation allows you to remain married in the eyes of insurers, financial companies and others who consider you married. All benefits remain in effect with the two of you still being considered a married couple. This is a huge benefit to separating as opposed to divorce, in the eyes of many couples.

  • Pro #3: Experiment with being single:
  • Another advantage is the ability to try on for size what it would be like to be single again, without your spouse around.

    3 Cons of Marriage Separation

    Here are three potential drawbacks to separation:

  • Con #1: It is one step closer to divorce:
  • A large number of couples who go through separation end up getting a divorce. Without taking the time to educate yourselves about how to make the relationship work, the marriage could just fizzle out.

  • Con #2: Your spouse may date others:
  • If you are concerned about preserving your marital fidelity, separation may not be the best choice for you. In many such situations, one or both of the spouses end up dating other people. Of course, this depends in part upon the agreements you have made with each other, as well as how trustworthy each of you is.

  • Con #3: It can be very hard on other people who are involved in the situation:
  • We all recognize that we live within a web of relationships. Extended family, friends, and of course any children you have will be directly and potentially deeply affected by the act of separating.

    Consider these 3 pros and 3 cons of marital separation as you decide the best course of action for moving forward.

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