Paris – A Day In Paris

Paris – the city of romance and revolutions has so many things that leave you mesmerized. Even a day’s visit is good enough to witness its charm. In fact you will enjoy every second of the trip here. One thing that fascinates you as soon as you step on the streets of Paris is its rich heritage and culinary delights at the small eateries and entertainment. Here’s how you can get the most out of the visit to the French capital.

  • An evening in Paris
  • Take off for a tour in the evening. Nestled 130 metres above Paris, Montmarte in the north will give ample scope to build your appetite. From Pigalle metro wander up to the Basilique De Sacre Coeur,a Brazilian-inspired cathedral originally build as a tribute for the soldiers who lost their lives in the Franco-Prussian war. The view from the top will give you a taste of what the city is all about.

    Head north to a place called Place du Tertre to encounter artists sketching away, bustling cafes and rabbit warren. At the steps of Mantmartre lies the in famous Moulin Rouge. Though it’s less touristy these days, the once favourite hangout for the French tourist has a pricey menu which comprises foie-fras trimmings, the fascinating bubbly and of course, the famous dancers.

  • Morning Time
  • Start early, it’s Paris, so you shouldn’t mind. Hop on to the first bakery you see and relish the freshly baked lot of croissants and brioche even as you take your seat. Go ahead and enjoy a crème and leisurely read the morning newspapers.

    Yes, of course, save your money by taking the metro to Bir-Hakeim. And don’t forget to book your ticket on-line to avoid the hordes of tourists at the Eiffel Tower.

  • Noon Hours
  • Go ahead and take a cruise along the Seine river. Select your transport. Well, the options depend on your degree of laziness, for there are city bikes, best-known as Velib are spread across the country and are much like a hop-on-hop-off system. Then there are Batobus or the conventional Bateaux Mouches moored by the quay at the foot of the tower located at the major sites along the sites. Or go on foot which will give you the flexibility to roam around.

    One last port of call is the world’s most famous avenue the Champs Elysees. Why not check out the Citroen showroom, yes, the first building on the road in more than 30 years. If cars aren’t your thing, then battle the crowds to get into Lauuree to taste the innovative pastries of some 40 chefs.

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