Sports Cars – A History

Sports cars today are fast, very sleek and should be fun to own and drive. They can be expensive and in order to impress, need to be clean and in excellent condition. Any sports car, whether it is kept inside or out, should be protected with a custom made cover. This ensures that vehicle is protected from the weather if outside and from dust if kept inside. It also means that when the automobile is next used it is clean.

American sports cars got off to a slow start but, progressively their popularity grew. It is considered that it was the American WWII soldiers that really got the market growing following their return from duty in Europe. The Europeans had sports cars because of their fuel efficiency and type of roads. They could easily get around the tight corners on the small windy roads which also made them interesting and fun to drive.

When the GI’s returned they still wanted these types of cars but none were available in post-war America. No manufacturer had realized that this type of car was to be sought after and as a result imports of foreign sports car increased – particularly the British MG (Morris Garages) car. It was small, versatile and fun and yet was easy to maintain and repair.

During the Fifties, specialist car companies starting designing and making sports cars to compete with foreign vehicles. Eventually, in 1953, General Motors bought out a sports car made of fiberglass – a completely new material at the time. Ford followed in 1955, and by 1956 it was realized that Americans wanted to have a sports car but with the comforts that the Europeans were not putting into their cars. It was the Thunderbird, produced by GM that got the American era going.

As time passed these sleek cars became more affordable and additional comforts and options were added; they became functional and as easy to drive as an everyday automobile. Today they are safe, fast and attractive while technology has raced ahead yet again.

People like sports cars for many different reasons. The way they look determines whether it’s a sports car for a male or female. The size of the engines and the distinctive sound attract a lot of attention from onlookers, which helps the driver’s ego as well. Most people would like to have a sports car, perhaps as a second car – to keep for special occasions or when they just want the thrill of driving for pleasure.

Protecting these cars is important. If the car is not used on a regular basis, it’s best to garage it. Make sure it is clean and fit a custom made car cover. Protecting it in this way ensures that it will be in excellent condition when next used and will help to maintain its value.

If the car has to kept outside invest in a custom made heavy duty car cover. Make sure the car is clean and dry before putting the cover on. Covering a vehicle whilst wet and dirty could result in damage to the paintwork. You could get rust. Also moisture could give rise to mold inside the car. Something that is very difficult to remove. A custom made car cover will give a tight secure fit but will allow air to circulate.

A car cover also protects the car identity and most quality custom covers will come with anti theft devices for extra security.

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