The Adult College Student

Going to college can be intimidating for anyone; but for the adult who has spent the past decade in a boardroom, a return to the classroom may be daunting. There are many reasons why more and more adults are returning to college;the reasons are as vast and diverse as the people themselves. New goals, life changes, or the end of a career are some factors that send the adult back to further their education.

Although a change from the norm, going back to school doesn’t have to be life altering in a negative way. By planning ahead and finding ways to experience successes both large and small, the adult student can lessen fears and build confidence more quickly.

One of the issues of going back to school once you have reached your thirties or beyond is that of fitting in. Adult students are different than their classmates who have come straight from high school; there’s no doubt about that. And while you want to get along with your classmates (you may have to work with them at some point!); you don’t want to dress and look and talk just like them. As the adult, you want to be recognized as such.

Looking a bit different than the younger students doesn’t mean that you dress for school as you would for a corporate job. There are small steps you can take to look and feel your best as the adult student. You can be comfortable and look your age at the same time. One way you can do this is through the simple from which you will wear your student ID. Such a simple thing, and yet your lanyard can set you apart from everyone else.

Badge lanyards are worn by all students and teachers; and much of the time, they all look the same. To give yourself a boost, you can find badge lanyards that feature a designer appeal. A lanyard doesn’t have to be brightly colored nylon. Instead, you could decide on a beaded lanyard or a nylon rope with a specific design. Pair decorative badge lanyards with a business casual outfit of comfortable slacks and nice shirt and you may just be surprised at how great you feel.

Success in college is not all about how you look and feel; finding time to study can be another challenge that the adult student faces. To ensure you do well in courses, it is important to set aside small amounts of time throughout the day to review course material. Since many adult students also work – sometimes full time – short bursts of study time are all that is available. Don’t think that because you have only 30 minutes that you won’t get much done. Take advantage of whatever time you have and you will find that you retain the necessary information.

Organization at home is an integral part of the success the adult student will experience. This includes both a study area as well as your study time. It will be necessary for you to learn to say no to friends and family in order to gain valuable study time. Where you study is not of the utmost importance. A quiet environment free of disruptions goes a long way.

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