Tips For Arthritis Patients

A lot of people have been suffering with arthritis and this could sometimes be very painful and severe. Below are some tips and practices that can help to ease and overcome arthritis. Of course for a proper treatment to arthritis, you must see your physician to have a proper diagnosis and treatment.

  • If you are fat or obese, try to reduce weight – The extra weight on your body will give extra loads to your joints which will inflict more pains to the already inflamed joints. Slim down your body to the ideal size according to body mass index and in return you get a healthy life style as well.
  • Practice good and healthy diet – Cut down intake of meats and high protein stuff while consume more fruits and vegetables. Consider taking some vitamins and nutrition supplements as well. Some of the vitamins that will be great to our body are vitamin A (sometimes referred as Beta Carotene), vitamin B (which is found in whole grains), vitamin C (mostly in fruits), vitamin E, Selenium and Zinc.
  • Believe and imagine that you are well – Similar to hypnotherapy, we let the mind to control our body and pain. Spend half an hour a day to relax and sit down in a quite place. Start by thinking about the affected joints, then think about “feeling”, how it used to be when it is healthy, imagine you are running, jogging, kicking and doing any others exercise with no pain. Practice this every day and see that the power of mind can sometimes make dream into reality.
  • Exercise often – Exercise is very important for everyone and same goes to people suffering with arthritis. Exercise will help to maintain strength and flexibility in our joints. Try not to let the pain in arthritis prevent you from exercise as movement and exercising of your joint will actually help to make it better. You don’t have to try really extensive training; all you need is just some simple exercises such as jogging, yoga, walking or cycling, stretching also helps and simple movements such as twisting from right to left, arms above and below your head, touch your toes with your fingers, etc. All these exercise helps, and you can also do it while sitting in a sofa or lying in bed. The idea is not to train extensively for competition, but just simple exercise that maintains your health and flexibility.
  • Keep a positive mindset – There is not yet a cure for arthritis, most of the treatment is to improve on the situation and reduce the pain. However, keeping a positive mindset will helps in everyway possible. Arthritis can sometimes be very painful and bothering; it makes people frustrated, angry and depressed and consequently making the situation worse. So, keep a positive mindset instead and it has been proven that patients with positive thinking will recover faster.
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