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Work, Hard-Working, and Growth

Work is an activity that utilizes energy, both physical as well as mental; to realize something. Human Work has multiple dimensions/features. Broadly speaking, work has four dimensions – natural, personal, social, & economical. First, natural work is based on natural demands of life. A few work habits are required to satisfy basic natural needs such as hunger, thrust, and nakedness. We may call these basic work habits – eating, drinking, and dressing – a natural work. Generally, parents/teachers educate on natural works during early phase of life. The aim of natural work is to make our life compatible with nature or to accommodate natural demands. Second, personal work is outcome of personal needs and desires, every individual has some unique needs and desires, whenever a person satisfies his/her exclusive needs or desires such as specific dressing, definite food items, and distinct hobbies we may call it personal work.

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