An Umbrella for Illness

Critical illness cover is like an umbrella during rough weather. Your health is the most fragile thing and it should be handled with care. “The value of health is seldom known until it is lost”, this is an apt adage, which reflects the importance of good health. Typically, this proverb conveys a message that we often ignore or overlook the importance of good health until we lose it. An insurance cover protects you and your family in difficult times. It is like a shield when something unexpected strikes.

This kind of coverage pays you a cash sum if you are diagnosed with a critical illness that is covered in your insurance contract. As many as 40 conditions fall in the category of critical illness. However, the number of conditions covered would depend on the insurance service provider. Typically, a critical illness cover will include anywhere around 27 to 40 health conditions. The conditions will be listed in your contract and it would decide the premium that you are expected to pay. In order to choose a plan, you may want to compare quotes from different service providers. This is the right place to get quotes, since it is a critical illness quote engine. It is akin to a search engine and you can easily get quotes from it’s insurance providers.

Critical insurance can do more than just protecting you in difficult times. It can give you peace of mind. There are many diseases covered under critical illness cover, which is not otherwise included in a life insurance or medical insurance plan. The conditions are divided into core conditions and additional conditions.

Core Conditions Covered

* Cancer
* Kidney failure
* Coronary artery by-pass surgery
* Heart attack
* Major organ transplant
* Multiple sclerosis
* Stroke

Additional Conditions Covered

* Aorta graft surgery
* Blindness
* Benign brain tumor
* Coma
* Loss of limbs
* Deafness
* Heart valve replacement or repair
* Loss of speech
* Motor neurone disease
* Terminal illness
* Paralysis/paraplegia
* Parkinson’s disease
* Third degree burns

The lump sum amount received through this kind of it’s insurance cover is to be used for paying the cost of care and treatment, recuperation aids, to pay off debts, replace any lost income due to decreasing ability to earn, or even to fund for a change in lifestyle. There are some alternative forms of critical illness cover wherein the insurance service provider makes a direct payment to health providers to cover the high cost of treatment. The maximum amount of payment is specified in the insurance policy and defined per episode of the treatment. This facility helps in avoiding out of pocket expenses, since you (the insured) do not have to pay anything for the treatment. The insurance company directly pays the hospital.

Some forms of it’s insurance policies allow policyholders to travel to highly specialized hospitals in other countries for treatment. These policies would include travel and accommodation expenses for the insured and a companion and other additional services that they may need during while traveling for treatment purpose. There are many choices and we suggest you check all the terms and features of your critical illness cover thoroughly before selecting a plan.