Article News: People and Their Environment

Flowers, trees, vineyards, wheat fields have a beneficial impact on people, so I recommend you to visit them.

Trees are clean, flowers are clean, so when a criminal touches them, they wither, they die. People and Their Environment

If you take care of fruit trees, they will introduce their qualities into you. People would be in trouble if they were no plums, cherries, pears, and all fruits. Plants are children of the angels, and if you deal with plants, you deal with angels. If you deal with the animals, you deal with cherubim and seraphim.

A farmer, who plows the field and when he reaps it, he shall use no bad words. There shall be only joy and songs. Wheat grains will be full of energy then. There is bread that heals.

Why do you tread on each caterpillar that appears on your way? One day it will become a butterfly, but you stop its evolution by squelching it. You stop the development process, but at the same time, you stop your own development process buy viagra online.

Human skin shall be soft, smooth and receptive. It is a regulator of life. If it becomes rough, one is jeopardized, easily gets ill, and dies earlier. The skin shall be neither dry, nor wet. Sorrows, pains, negative feelings like anger and envy roughen the skin and it may not take in the vital energy, prana so properly. In order the skin to be soft, clean, nice, it should not be used various ointments, but a special food that you will find and master.

One, who eats well, breathes properly, feels right, and thinks right, will always be healthy. One, who is not satisfied with eating, does not breathe, does not move, does not think right, and will always be ailing.

Health is determined by the hygiene that one keeps in the physical, heart and mental lives. Hygiene in the physical world requires people to know how to eat, drink, and breathe, and finally to know how to sleep.

To comply with the hygiene of the physical world, consider the three elements -home, food, and clothing; to comply with the hygiene of the spiritual world, consider the other three elements – thoughts, feelings, and deeds.

In the world there are people, clean and bright, that radiate from themselves a special inner power that feeds humans as physical food does. One might be well fed not only by physical food, but also by air and light. The air is taken through the pores, and in order pores to be opened, one should fast and sweat. – generic viagra no prescription.

Divine world is not only fasting, torturing of the body, distortion of the mind and heart, but it is also an absolute harmony. You shall eat without overeating, sleep without oversleeping, dress up without excesses.

If you take the width of the neck and multiply it by two, you get the dimension of the waist. And if you get the width of the wrist and multiply it by the two, you get the width of the neck. Once these measures are breached, a person breaches the laws of Nature. Human health depends on the observance of these laws.