Human Growth Hormone Helps Elevate Brain Power

As we age, it seems as though our brains suffer from a midlife crisis of their very own. Where did I leave my keys? Why did I come to the grocery store? Sometimes, we laugh it off as “getting old”, shake our heads and promise ourselves that we will never leave the house without a list again. Other times, it can be frightening as we wander the parking lot desperately trying to remember where we parked the car.

human growth hormoneThe fact of the matter is that our brain function gradually declines as we age. It is also true that our naturally-produced levels of human growth hormone also decline as we age. In fact, the aggressive decrease of human growth hormone can begin as early as our twenties. The aging process impacts all components of our body, including our muscle tone and energy levels. It only makes sense that our minds become duller over time. As the human growth hormone level in our bodies decrease sharply as we reach middle age, our cognitive memory may also be affected.

A group of scientists at Free University in Amsterdam conducted a study of human growth hormone and the pituitary gland. Their study revealed that human growth hormone levels have much to do with motor skills and memory. Specifically, insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), which is a protein indicating human growth hormone production, has a direct correlation to IQ scores. Patients with lower levels of IGF-1 achieved lower scores on IQ tests. These results connected the relationship between bodily human growth hormone levels and cognitive reasoning.

There is good news, however. Further studies have shown that the levels of human growth hormone in the body can be replaced. When participants with low HGH levels in the bloodstream, and who performed below expectations on the cognitive tests, were given human growth hormone treatments by a physician, their cognitive memory and overall memory improved. Unfortunately, human growth hormone injections administered by a physical are expensive. Some programs can cost more than $2,000 per month. They are painful, inconvenient, and can require up to 48 injections every month. That’s more than one injection per day!

Many individuals who seek the proven benefits of synthetic HGH have adopted a natural and homeopathic formula available over the counter. Some of these formulas contain a unique blend of natural ingredients that help empower and strengthen the pituitary gland to function at more youthful levels. The link could be made that empowering your pituitary gland to function at more youthful and stronger levels could lead to greater levels of naturally producing HGH in the gland. Certain homeopathic formulas provide both a cost effective and convenient option to the costly synthetic alternative by both strengthening the pituitary gland, while also offering proven benefits that mirror many of the benefits that patients taking injectable HGH hope to achieve.