Do You Want to Regain Control of Your Body And Mind?

It may be of interest to some of you to know that there is a profound relationship between the two that requires to be understood prior to any established change. Have you ever been really fit before in your life? Then work stress, family, or your lifestyle has changed to the point where over time, you feel as though you do not have the energy left to apply yourself in any further way?

If this is making sense to you, would it be fair to say that at around the same sort of time, or few months later you started to see a change in your attitude to keeping fit? For example; working out became less often per week, less intense during sessions, leading to a change in your body shape and subsequent alteration in your attitude towards yourself? Your mind may have started to make excuses for you and if this is you, then the good news is, the same is possible in reverse!

control of your mind

Sometimes people actually find themselves acknowledging this at the point where they see any negative alteration to their physical appearance and look to ‘check’ themselves prior to things becoming too out of hand, however for others this is not so simple. Over time a mental resistance has filtered in and the need to maintain the work life balance has become priority number 1. You are getting older, and with the strongest will in the world, this cannot change. What can change is your approach, to giving back to yourself all you once were, shapely, confident and proud of fitting back into those favourite pair of jeans you bought, and managed to wear twice before having to go back out and purchase yet another, bigger pair.

Now remember, as already mentioned you have become older since the last time you were in the best shape of your life so one of the worst things you can do is imagine that you can pick up where you left off. This most probably will end up hurting you and you are likely to quickly lose interest all over again as the pain will take considerably longer to ease post work out than it did before.

A better idea would be to consider on paper if possible, when you could fit in a short workout session 3 times a week, and plan out some changes you would require to make to your nutritional intake. Next, avoid over doing it! It will prove a mistake to continue any physical exercise when pain occurs, certainly in the early weeks so allow yourself to monitor how you feel as you conclude your session. Your body will tell you when it is time to increase your volume and or the intensity of workout sessions, as a quick rule, sweating is good, muscle burn also- pain stop. So think and feel how you are doing during and post workout.

One of the first things to expect would be a recognisable change in you! Not necessarily or specifically to your body shape initially, but in a renewed vigour and an overall sense of well being. When this is achieved, very seriously well done…This is as a result of your body changing from the inside first, as your body has started to release powerful endorphins, and forms the precursor to weight being lost and the return of your perfect shape. This good feeling should be recognised and used wisely to maintain your workout schedule; you must reinvest in what you are doing, when this point is reached you are now on the way to dramatically changing your appearance! Notice how you now are able to feel more organised about your life, your confidence beginning to increase along with your sharpness and sense of humour. It is going to make you feel so very well, because this process is good for you, and every time you do it, your mind will tell you, and when wisely reinvested your body will follow.

It is actually not that complicated and please rest assured that if you are in this position it is very common, so you are one of millions. What I want for you is to be your own one in a million, simply through rearranging your thought process coupled with a little planning.