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Logo Design Jargon

Web is so full of professional custom logo design companies, each promising better services at cheaper rates. Browsing through their portfolios, one becomes confused as each one of them has something or the other to be proud about. As a small business owner how you should decide which one of these many design service providers is right for you? Well the key is to clearly understanding what these companies are offering on their websites.

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Reputation Management

Reputation management used to be about scanning newspapers and magazines. However, the world is changing fast. It’s quite likely that your customers spend more time online than they do watching TV. Surfing the Internet, whether for business or pleasure is now the most common pastime in the Western world. People socialise online, shop online, do business online; everything. So its important that you track what people are saying about you online.

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Sometimes the Riskiest Customers Are a Brand’s Most Zealous and Noticed Endorsers

While they thrive on feeding and satisfying their customers’ desires, leading brand owners recognize that they must stay in control of the brand. This often leads to a paradoxical relationship with customers.

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Luxury Brands May Be an Endangered Species

Cultural, not just commercial

Leading luxury brands are often born from a philosophy that evolves to become a business. Their origins are not in a clever business plan that re-imagines a historical brand story. While many of these brands have sustained successful businesses for centuries, they never appear to have been motivated by profit alone. More often than not, the brand originally embarked on a mission to bring unadulterated excellence to the market. The creators of these brands were artisans, not MBAs.

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