Miniature Dogs and Teacup Puppies

Small dogs, teacup puppies and miniature dogs are all definitions of dogs which are smaller than their regular breeds. The fact that the dog is classed as a true miniature dog breed is down to whether or not it is a recognized dog breed by the various dog breeder societies around the world who maintain the definitive lists of dog breeds. They hold important information regarding size, weight and features of the dog which set it apart from its larger brothers.

Teacup puppies or teacup dogs are actually the runt(s) of the litter. These runts were given the affectionate name of teacup to enable unscrupulous breeders the ability to sell what would otherwise be a dog they could not sell and they would usually sell them for a premium price as well!. Note these animals would not be classed as an official breed as their tiny traits cannot generally be reproduced with any certainty.

Nevertheless Teacup puppies can actually be the offspring of breeders breeding two runts from different litters in an attempt to try and produce an even smaller version of their parents as I said earlier though the results can be rather unexpected!

These animals can often have health issues including the tendency to them breaking their bones in what would be classed as normal activity like jumping off the sofa, they can also display uncharacteristic behavioral traits that the full sized animal does not normally have.

True miniature dog breeds have been around a long time and have even been found mummified in Ancient Egyptian tombs. These animals can be bred consistently and their offspring are true to the breed-type.

In more recent times around the 1600′s, the miniature dog breeds were also very popular you may know King Charles loved his small spaniels and the breed was actually named after him. Many of the gentry of the time would have one or more of the miniature dogs as they were so popular.

Many small dog breeds survive today and are the favorite of city dwellers as they do not need the same space that a large dog needs. You can just about walk the dog by going around the block or over the local football field as they are so tiny.

Food bills can be lesser of course than feeding a large dog and of the mess that comes out the other end is not as much a hazard as that of a big dog just make sure you do not stand in it though.

There are of course many many specialist shops and businesses built on providing services, specialist food, clothing and play items for the smaller dog so you would not have to look too far to make your small pooch happy and comfortable in your apartment.

All in all there are many breeds of small dog available to be chosen as your favorite. As always with any pet it is important that you care for your animal well and love them, they will return your love with undying loyalty.

Often it is a god idea to shop around for some doggy insurance for your miniature dog, those vet bills are still going to be much larger than your dog and can actually be higher than you might pay for a regular breed of dog.

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