Obesity in American

Just released statistics for obesity rankings among the 33 countries in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) result in no big surprise that the United States ranks number one for obesity rates. The odd part of the findings is that the other five English speaking countries in OECD are also in the top seven fattest countries. Only Mexico, not an English speaking country makes it into the top seven.

Analyzing the data has lead to questions about why English speaking countries lead the list in overweight and obese populations. What is it that causes these countries to have such an abundance of people who are both dieting yet still overweight? Nutritionists, doctors, and economists are all weighing in on what is behind the belly fat, the unhealthy trend towards childhood obesity, the continual struggle with overeating.

Despite a constant stream of news about methods for losing weight and a plethora of weight loss diet books, Americans and their English speaking counterparts around the world are definitely losing the battle to shed pounds.

One idea is that all six countries strive to practice the American lifestyle. Driving rather than walking, electronic and gas driven power tools instead of human powered, sedentary pastimes, and an abundance of high-fat, high-sugar foods have spread beyond the boarders of the USA.Mexico has never been a country with a problem with weight until recently when it to has become heavily influenced by its neighbor to the north.

Another disturbing part of the study is that there is no let-up in sight. The countries in the top rankings are expected to keep those rankings, as childhood obesity rates are high in all of them. An astounding 40% of American kids are overweight!
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So, what can be done on a personal level to fight these statistics? Each individual struggles with their own set of problems trying to lose that ten or twenty pounds but analyzing the general trend may help in changing your lifestyle making sticking to diet plans and losing those extra pounds easier.

Both eating and exercise play a part in the equation. Look at your own routines and make some simple changes. Get off the couch and outdoors, don’t watch the game, play the game. Going less than a mile or two? Walk. Take stairs not elevators. Rake leaves and let the leaf blower gather some dust. Grabbing a quick bite to eat? Know what healthy items are offered at local fast food restaurants, leave off the sauce and drink water or unsweetened tea.

Just a few of these simple things can quickly add up to faster weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!

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