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Cyber Security

In this article, you will learn to avoid all the silly mistakes most computer owners make and expose their computers and personal information open to cyber attacks. You’ll also discover why is it important to change your passwords frequently and have up-to-date firewall and antivirus program.

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Demonstrating Appreciation

We are not all alike, some of us are visual, others are auditory and still others are kinesthetic. Therefore, we all like to be appreciated a little differently. Find out how the person you want to appreciate likes to receive the message and you have just ramped up the effect by 100%. So how do you find out their preference? Well, one way is to ask them to tell you about the time they felt most loved. Encourage them to describe it to you. A great follow up question might be “Was it what they said, something they did, or the way they touched you?” Once you have identified their primary mode you can tailor your appreciation to that style.

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Helpful craft show tips

Helpful craft show tips. Have an added advantage when selling at craft shows. Make good use of these practical ideas.

How to choose a craft fair

Know what to look for in a craft show and make sure it is the right opportunity for selling your crafts. Consider these criteria when deciding on renting a booth at a show. What are the entry fees? Is there a straight fee for the booth or does the promoter take a percentage of your sales? What other products are for sale at the show and will your product fit in with the general style of the show? What sort of attendance numbers can you expect? How many vendors are there and how many are selling similar products to you? How much marketing and advertising do the promoters do for their craft show?

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Identity Theft Crimes – It’s In The Mail

Recently law enforcement officials in the United States and Egypt cracked a sophisticated identity theft ring that used phishing to steal close to two million dollars from Wells Fargo and Bank of America Customers. This comes on the heels of another international ring that reported stole forty million credit and debit cards from numerous high profile companies.

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How to Keep Dates Safe

Are you interested in dating? Whether you’re looking for friendship or a candidate for marriage, when playing the dating game it’s crucial to put safety first. Having your name and cell phone number announced on the radio isn’t a wise way to go about it. However, here are tips for ensuring that your dates are as safe as they are successful:

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Probiotics For Children

The catchy statement, “what is good for the kid is good for you too” should be read in reverse. Probiotics have for a long time been used by adults to treat a number of infections and gut problems. Now, lots of children are on these supplements and their lives are no longer the same.

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3 Correct Golf Slice Cures & Practice Drills

Do you struggle with trying to correct golf slice in your game? Your not alone the majority of of amateur golfers especially just starting to play the game of golf have this very same problem. Well, I’m here to tell you there is hope! In this article I’m going to give you 3 things that you can use that will help straighten out that dreaded banana ball.

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Why Bikers Like to Wear Motorcycle Boots

Hardcore bikers can be strange people, with their own quirks as well as likes and dislikes. There are quite a few people, who consider themselves to be bikers, and they have no qualms about taking a few days off on their bikes. Now one thing that bikers never neglect is the Motorcycle boots that they love to sport. There are quite a few reasons why bikers feel incomplete without their special boots and other biking accessories.

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