Real Estate Investing


Real Estate Investing has changed drastically over the last few years and we must be able to adapt with the changes if we want to prosper in this market. If you can get motivated sellers to call you ready to sell then half of the job is done. You must learn how to effectively use direct response marketing to have any success in this rapidly changing market. Many marketers forget that people are not stupid. People do business with people they like and trust. Most people are turned off by pushy sales people.

Every successful Real Estate investor knows they need to find motivated sellers but they also know they need a steady flow of good leads to find those motivated sellers. To find these motivated sellers you need a really good lead generation system in place. When your able to get a supply of good leads that’s what makes you a boat load of cash. You can have all the best ways to structure a deal but without motivated sellers nothing else really matters. Imagine being able to cherry pick from your list of highly qualified motivated sellers.

A few ways to find these sellers is to use personalized letters, personalized free reports, buyers and sellers autosponder messages and private money sales tool. You know that time is more valuable then money which means you don’t want to waste any. You need proven methods to pull in hot leads and find motivated sellers. You can learn how to increase your response rate by 300 to 400% by utilizing pre foreclosure, relocation, FSBO’s out of state owners, divorcees, probate, subdivisions, zip code’s farming, distressed properties and stressed out landlords. You need two autosponder campaigns one for buyers and one for sellers.

It’s important to keep constant contact with your potential sellers to keep you from losing out on those big cash deals. Building a relationship with a potential seller or buyer will set you apart from everyone else out there doing the same old things with limited results. Give out free reports for your buyers and sellers with useful tips on the topics they’re searching for is the quickest way to position yourself as the expert in their eyes. When it’s time to buy or sell they’re much more likely to come back to someone they trust. Another way is to watch what the top producers are doing. Internet marketing for real estate is very effective in today’s economy.

If you’re using private money you need to learn how to provide your potential lenders solid information about how much return on investment (ROI) to expect funding your deals. This will let them know that you are serious about your business and give you the credibility that you deserve

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