Exercising While Pregnant – It’s Safe

Exercising While Pregnant

Pregnancy can snap away your energy, but regular and simple exercises will help you get through your day. The good news is that you can safely carry on with exercising while pregnant, even if you have been an ardent couch potato until now. Although, you may not feel like running a marathon, most women benefit greatly from exercising during their pregnancy. However, you need to discuss your exercise routine with your doctor so that you can avoid any negative side effects.

Benefits of Exercising while pregnant:

· Exercising while pregnant relaxes your hormones and muscles which are essential for delivery. However, rigorous exercises may cause injury to the pelvic points, and hence it is advisable that you first analyze your physical condition and then get ready for an exercise routine.
· Exercising while pregnant will help you maintain a healthy weight gain. Now you do not have to worry that you might look as fat as a cow after your pregnancy.
· Exercising also reduces the risk of developing Gestational Diabetes.
· Helps in reducing any strain or back pain.
· Helps in preventing constipation
· Exercising helps in having a normal delivery

Benefits of Exercising while pregnant for the baby

· Exercising improves the oxygen and the blood flow through the placenta to the baby.
· Babies of mothers who exercise regularly during pregnancy are bound to become more intelligent and smarter.
· Since there is less chances of developing Gestational Diabetes among exercising mothers, babies benefit with a healthier weight at birth.

Types of pregnancy exercises

· Walking – walking is considered to be one of the safest as well as effective exercises during pregnancy. A brisk walk during the evenings relaxes your mind and the fresh air makes you more energetic.

· Jogging – jogging increases your heart rate, which means that your heart is pumping more blood and this indirectly increases the blood supply to your baby.

· Swimming – swimming loosens up your entire body muscles and makes them more flexible. This surely helps when you are ready for your labor.

· Cycling – This is an alternative option which you can try, and cycling has also been considered safe for pregnant women as long as you do not overdo it.

Yoga and meditation can also be included into exercising while pregnant. They all are safe as long as you don’t overdo them. You can also consult a qualified, registered teacher who has experience in dealing with pregnant women.

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