Early Signs of Pregnancy

When a woman is pregnant, nature gives tons of signs to let her know that she is not alone. Pregnancy symptoms are different for every woman. The symptoms may also vary in intensity and duration. Many times women mistake pregnancy symptoms with premenstrual problems.

The first sign of pregnancy is when a woman misses her period. Some women may even have period but it will be lighter than usual. Usually, women notice the signs around the time when they miss the monthly cycle.

Women are foresighted in nature when it comes to pregnancy. Tiredness, mood swings, puckish feeling, constipation, and heartburn are few signs that make a woman realize that she’s pregnant. Dullness, stiffness in the lower back and, sore breasts are early signs of pregnancy.

When a woman becomes pregnant, her breasts begin to turn sore as nature begins to prepare them to produce milk. Increase in hormones leads to tender and extra sensitive nipples. In some women the nipples darken in color.

Fatigue and exhaustion is also a common amongst the early signs of pregnancy. The constant dullness may lead a woman to take more rest than usual. Another giveaway is the frequent visits to the rest room.

Most women experience morning sickness when they take something on an empty stomach. Some women may face nausea during afternoon or evening, and some may feel queasy all day long. Craving for unusual foods in odd hours is also a common symptom. A pre-natal vitamin supplement or fish oil capsule can bring down cravings.

Heightened sensitivity to aromas is a symptom seen in most pregnant women. This is due to the estrogen that fills the body. Increased hormone levels may slow down digestive and bowel system which leads to constipation. This happens because the body tries to absorb as much nutrients as possible.

With raging hormones, a pregnant woman is bound to be irritable. Even if it is a planned pregnancy a woman goes through emotional adjustment period. Although, it’s hard for men to understand but it is quite normal to feel mixed emotions. It’s important for a wife to make the husband understand the situation so that he can be supportive and understanding.

The best way to clear doubts is to take a pregnancy test at home. Take the test at least a day or two after you miss your period. If the pregnancy test result is negative, then its best advised to try again a few days later to be sure. For more assurance visit a medical clinic.

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