10 Factors That Determines a Good Hair Transplant Candidate

Your legibility to pass for a hair transplant procedure is an important factor in determining its success. You just don’t decide on it, without even considering if you will be fit for the procedure. So here are 10 factors that will help you determine on whether you are a good hair transplant candidate.

1. Someone who wants to undergo a hair transplant should first have a realistic expectations about the procedure. When you are in your fifties and want a hairline like that of a teenager, you will be advised that this would not be possible and it would also look unrealistic.

2. For those who is just starting to lose hair, it is advisable that you wait it out and see the extent to which your hair loss would progress.

3. Younger individuals are not advised to have this procedure at their age. If they have one now, there is a tendency that they might need to have it redone later on because their hair loss might still progress. If you are under 22, wait it for a couple of years. The best time for you to decide that you need a transplant would be around your 30’s or 40’s.

4. Those that have a good amount and quality of donor hairs are also more likely to be good candidates. If there is a scanty and very weak hair on the donor area, you may still have to undergo some treatment to strengthen these for them to be fit enough for transplant.

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5. You should also be of good health in order for you to be a good candidate. Techniques such as FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) can be a bit invasive therefore it is very important that you don’t have health conditions that would contraindicate such procedures (e.g. clotting problems).

6. Individuals who are not able to get their hair loss problem under control through medications are also good candidate. It is best for you to try out other measures before you finally choose something drastic as a hair transplant.

7. Men who are experiencing balding over the years and whose hair loss patterns established are good candidates.

8. Men and women who lost hair or have raised hairline due to surgery (e.g. eyebrow lift, face lift) would be good candidates.

9. Those that lost their hair due to injuries such as burns would also benefit from a hair transplant.

10. A person should also have good laxity of the skin on the scalp area. This will allow give the doctor better manipulation especially with a strip procedure.