Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Healthy Foods for Healthy Hair

Many people, especially women want to have shiny, healthy hair. It may reflect the healthy body and make them look more beautiful. Though there are many modern treatments, but the natural ways are still being the most safe and best solutions. In order to have healthy and beautiful hair, it is important for you to consume the nutritious diet. Here are some foods you can eat to keep it healthy.

Protein is essential to give the shaft more strength, and could reduce the likelihood of dame throughout snapping and splitting. It’s good to consume fish, meat, milk, cheese and cereal to obtain proteins that you need. Those foods will help you to create block, so you will have stronger hair.

Minerals such as iron, zinc and copper are needed to keep your hair healthy. Iron functions to carry oxygen to your hair, so the follicles will have enough oxygen to boost the root effectiveness. You can obtain iron by consuming red meat, dark green veggie and also iron supplements. Meanwhile, zinc that you can get by eating meat and seafood will help you to prevent any loss. To optimize the natural color, you can consume liver, nuts, fresh veggie, meat, seeds and shellfish that contain a lot of copper.

Enough vitamins not only make your body healthy, but also maintain the health of your hair. Vitamin A will make you have a healthy scalp, so it is crucial to consume carrots that consist of vitamin A. meanwhile, vitamin B and C will give better circulation, growth and color. Once you consume fruit, vegetables, cereal, eggs, bread and milk, you will have strong hair.

It is not only keeping your body stays hydrated, but by drinking enough water you will have beautiful hair. Water will make it supple and makes up one-fourth of the hair strand weight. You don’t have to wait until you’re thirsty, just take enough water daily and keep it moisturized along with the shiny and silkier look.