Protect Your Hair From The Winter Cold

Protect Your Hair From The Winter Cold

In areas with a temperate climate, winter is the coldest of all four seasons. Many people love it, since it brings a sense of comfort and coziness to any evening spent at home or outdoors. However, the low temperatures and loads of precipitations can be quite cruel on one of the best assets men and women share: the hair. Thus, it is very important that everyone takes good care of their hair, in order for it to be as healthy and shiny as possible when spring comes.

During winter, hair tends to be a bit dryer than when it’s warmer outside, so it’s very important not to exacerbate this feature by cleaning it too often. Shampoo can have a drying effect, especially if it’s not meant for frequent washes, so it might be best to skip it at least two days a week. Where conditioner is concerned, the more the better; this product helps hair recover from all the mistreatment it receives throughout the day and makes it suppler. Try to use professional products if possible, as they tend to be more effective and work quicker.

Another essential thing is drying one’s hair after having washed it. Specialists say that it’s best to pat your hair with a towel, then allow it to air-dry, without using any type of blow-dryer. These appliances, as useful as they can be sometimes, have negative effects on the hair fiber, leaving it brittle and dry. This can happen especially during winter, when your hair is already traumatized by the cold air outside and the dry heat at home or at the office.

One mistake that people often make is going outside with their hair damp. This is a very dangerous thing, because it can cause you many problems in the future, starting with headaches and ending with split ends. Taking this into consideration, a smart move would be to cover your hair with a scarf or a hat, particularly when it’s raining or snowing. These are very fashionable accessories that can complete any outfit, not to mention keep you warm no matter how freezing it is outside.

Finally, remember that your hair is a delicate and important part of you. Treat it with care and kindness and it will repay you by making you look stylish and glowing, no matter what the season.