9 Tips for Combating Pregnancy Morning Sickness

For many expectant mothers, severe morning sickness can cause such discomfort that it can be difficult to get through your days – not just your mornings. There are things you can do, however, to reduce its frequency, intensity and perhaps even eliminate your pregnancy morning sickness altogether.

Here are 9 tips every pregnant woman looking for morning sickness remedies should see for combating pregnancy nausea.

1. Get plenty of rest. That means more sleep and more time off your feet. Research has shown that women who get plenty of rest have fewer morning sickness symptoms. Rest can be as important as exercise to a healthy pregnancy.

2. Drink plenty of water. In the case of morning sickness, water keeps your stomach full and your body well flushed of toxins that can make your life more difficult.

3. Eat frequently. Consuming food often throughout the day will help keep your stomach full and busy. A busy stomach is less likely to get nauseous or queasy. It will also help you avoid snack foods which can load you up with sickening sugar and fat.

4. Keep your portions small. A full stomach can cause you problems, and big portions of food cause blood sugar spikes that also lead to pregnancy nausea. Try eating less every time you eat and you may be sick less, too.

5. Avoid spicy foods. Even onions and garlic can upset your stomach, so lay off the Mexican and perhaps the Italian, too. Go for blander foods during pregnancy, then celebrate with some spice once the baby arrives.

6. Get lots of vitamin B. Vitamin B helps your liver function at its best, and that can deliver morning sickness relief. Get this important vitamin in many whole grains, bananas, avocados and nuts. Chicken is a good source, too.

7. Eat some foods proven to help remedy pregnancy nausea. When you have symptoms, a few saltine crackers can fill your stomach, absorb excess acid and make you better. Ginger also helps fight pregnancy nausea, and so does peppermint and cinnamon.

8. Go for acupressure. It’s one of the best morning sickness remedies. There are no needles, and you can find skilled practitioners in lots of places. You can also learn to do it yourself. It’s completely safe and many experts confirm that it helps bring pregnancy nausea relief.

9. Go for medicine if you must. If nothing else works, doctors can prescribe medicines that will help combat your nausea during pregnancy, but you may feel drowsy, anxious or groggy, so avoid them if you can. Natural dietary solutions are best.

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