Simple Ways Using Music to teach English for Kids

Teaching English is a quite a task especially if English is not their mother tongue. The more a child is exposed to the Language at young age the better. Children tend to be quite fidgety especially when you ask them to sit in a place for a really long time. Even some adults find this to be quite difficult at time. Once you are able to fascinate a child and hold their interest. You will have them eating at the palm of your hands. There are many simplified books out in the market that show simple ways to learn English which is aimed at teaching kids. You could easily find these books on English for Beginners at bookstores.

Why not use games to teach if you are planning to teach children, instead of making it too technical. Sometimes we forget that children don’t like to be lectured. Why, even we adults don’t like to be lectured. Therefore, using English games to teach kids is a brilliant and an ingenious idea. Music tends to attract their attention of kids. Use this tool wisely and by packaging it with your English class. It would be a sure success, done correctly.

Below, are a some suggestions on how we can teach kids English by incorporating music into our lesson plan.
Choose the right song; make sure you select number that allows the kids to move, jump, dance and sing-along They should not be left idle. Children can’t seem to sit still in a place for too long. Rememeber kids want to have fun, that’s the time they learn best. It will also keep them captivated.

Use toys that have music or that involve sound. Nowadays, there are many children’s English books that have buttons. When you press a button, sounds come out and it can also read aloud the words in the book. Try getting these kinds of books for your child. It does help. The colours and drawings in the books will also help them learn faster since kids have photographic memory.
Lastly, if they are attracted to one English song, then you are advised to play your part by practicing the song yourself. Practice singing the song to yourself and find ways to make it very interesting from the original. This may sound silly, but it works. It will attract your kid’s attention towards learning the English language more. Well, you do not need to have a good singing voice, but most importantly is, you must know the lyrics well.
Remember to enunciate each word clearly.

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