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Responsibility and the Freedom of Speech

Democracy is based on the idea that in a free exchange of ideas, the truth will win out. Speech designed to mislead, misinform, or intimidate is an anathema to our purpose. We are guaranteed a right to free speech and we should use it wisely.

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WikiLeaks and US Government, Serial Violators of Copyright

Since WikiLeaks and the American government are locked in a bitter and acrimonious struggle, a claim that the two share a common underlying mentality may appear bizarre.

And yet, such is indeed the case: what unites US government and the WikiLeaks is their attitude to copyright — or, more precisely, their respective answer to the question “do the tools of exercising the copyright belong with the copyright itself, or can they be used separately?”

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Top 5 Historical Facts of the US Democratic Party

Despite the important role of the Democratic Party in US political history, only few Americans can state the basic facts about its history. The democrats were dominating US politics in two distinct periods: between 1828 and 1860 and between 1932 and 2000. The establishment of the Democratic Party happened in 1829 when Andrew Jackson became the President of the Unites States. If many Americans did not like the ideas of Jackson in the 1820s ad 30s, the Democratic Party would never have been formed. Together with his followers, Jackson founded the Democratic Party. In those days, the democrats were definitely in favor of slavery and had widespread support in the southern states where slavery was still a normal aspect of daily life.

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City Council Elections And Municipal Government

City councils are the elected legislative bodies in many municipalities across the country, but they aren’t always organized the same way. Although they universally are populated by officials who are elected by a vote of the city residents, their term lengths, districts and even titles can vary from one city to another.

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The Tea Party Movement – A Regaining of Freedom

The tea party movement is a grassroots level awakening in defiance of a corrupted political system where the entities of the D.N.C. and R.N.C. recruit the candidates from Criminals University Inc. These Individuals are put into positions of public trust, only to steal the public blind; this is a prevalent behavior that has been occurring throughout political history in this country, the movement is fueled by political believes that are injected into society without regard to a lack of ethical, moral and legal standings.

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America to Dems: We’re Just Not That Into You

In a NewsRealBlog post last week, I wrote about the top 10 excuses Democrats will make for why they were destroyed in Tuesday’s historic midterm elections. Apparently I gave Democrats too much credit. I was assuming they would accept the fact that they had been defeated.

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Conservative Vs Progressive Governments

In a recent interview, Thomas Sowell, an American economist and author and Senior Fellow at Hoover Institute, who turned 80 this year discussed his new book and ideas in an interview. In his new book, Dismantling America: and other controversial essays. and in the interview he lays out his philosophy of government, which is the Conservative position of laissez-faire (much less regulation) of economic activity and of government intervention of social values.

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Obama’s Visit to India – A Watershed

President Obama is in India in this month of November. The visit is significant, as it shows that for the first time the USA considers India an important player on the world scene. No US President has ever come to India during their first term and Obama is thus the first US President to visit India in the first term. All earlier visits by US presidents were in their second terms, as successive US Presidents made a bee line for China the west and Japan. India never featured on their horizon during the first term. In addition all visits to the sub continent were tacked along with a visit to Pakistan. No US president visited India and obviated visiting Pakistan.

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The Process Of Change We Can Believe In

The election of 2010 will be remembered as the greatest public venting in recent memory, and the winners are not necessarily there because people want them. Sending a message to the Federal Government that the American people are frustrated, broke, scared and nervous, voters decided to take a chance on trying something different. As far as I am concerned, this is just part of experiencing Obama’s process of change we can believe in.

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Top 10 Most Remarkable 2010 Midterm Election Results

My, what a difference two years make!

Namely, a 50% jump in the unemployment rate, a tripling of the federal budget, and a tenfold increase in the annual deficit. But who’s counting?

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What Is Political Liberalism Versus Political Conservatism?

Many people, as well as many political elected officials, often refer to themselves as either a liberal or a conservative. However, what does that really mean?

Objectively, one would generally think that a conservative was someone who believed in “smaller government,” balanced budgets, and fewer social services, while a liberal might be perceived as someone who believed in more government involvement, more social programs, and larger spending. However, in the real world, the lines between conservative and liberal are quite often blurred.

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What Playing Gotcha Can Getcha

Banks, credit card companies and other financial services firms made an art of snaring customers in loopholes and walloping them with fine print. Now they’re learning that playing “gotcha” can getcha in the end.

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If Not God, Where Do Our Rights Come From?

We tend to view freedom as certain types of Rights or Civil Liberties that are provided for us by the Constitution, by the government, or by a Creator. However, this is a very limited understanding of what freedom is. In this post I will demonstrate how our freedom comes from nature.

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Should America Continue to Be the Leader in World Politics?

America’s position as leader in world politics has not come about through any international agreement, nor by way of a proven track record in world diplomacy. It was simply the case at the end of WW2 that it was the country with the greatest economic strength and the largest military machine.

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Kool Aid Wins Political Beverage Contest

One more time political Kool-Aid has prevailed in federal elections for the House and Senate. The victory will not be publicly announced since it is the desire of both major political parties that no one notices the tea party’s loss. The scrimmage in the Republican Party primary will rate as the entertainment highlight of 2010.

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Bio Hazards – The New Terrorism Threat

Once the province of science fiction movies, biological hazard or bio hazard cleanup companies now have become an important part of our country’s landscape and it is anticipated that they will continue to play a significant role in helping society maintain a safe environment that does not pose high risks to our health. The need for these bio-hazard cleaning companies derives from the potential of terrorists to attack using biological weapons such as a “dirty bomb”. Bio hazard clean up companies have secured a niche in our emergency response efforts or homeland security system. First of all, there is an obvious need for a bio hazard cleanup company to be a first responder in any situation where it is believed that a biological weapon or virus has been deployed. The imperative that a bio hazard be neutralized may be no less important than defusing a ticking, conventional bomb.

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America’s Way Out of the Storm

Disheartening unemployment, unprecedented debt (personal, corporate and public) draining foreign wars, an aging population, a polarized politic – hardly America at its prime. Some contend we have reached our zenith and are on the waning side of the peak. We have been beaten and battered by choices made, public and private, and the folly we have collectively pursued. A small minority profits handsomely while the vast majority pays the fare. We remain caught in the storm – a storm of our own making.

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America’s New Public Enemy


That’s the word bandied about by the government and its media friends these days in America. The notion is that the current government was elected to reform everything from health care to gaseous emissions from cattle. And right now, the big reform on the table is financial regulation.

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Our Forgotten Legacy

Americans recently celebrated the 4th of July. Across this great country, in large metropolitan areas and in small towns, people came together to remember and honor our founding fathers. There were picnics galore, grills were fired up, there were parades concerts and of course fireworks. From Maine to the Florida Keys, from Seattle to Baja and every where in between, Americans were celebrating. People came to together regardless of their political views to celebrate our Country’s Independence Day.

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Politics- Why Progressive policies for socialism always fail

What is really the core reasoning of automatic guaranteed failure by Progressives gone wild policies? Quite simply, the answer is complacency. Progressive policies reward complacency and encourages the bare minimum of people in life and human beings were not designed to seek the bare minimum in life, but rather human beings are designed to be challenged.

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