The Tea Party Movement – A Regaining of Freedom

The tea party movement is a grassroots level awakening in defiance of a corrupted political system where the entities of the D.N.C. and R.N.C. recruit the candidates from Criminals University Inc. These Individuals are put into positions of public trust, only to steal the public blind; this is a prevalent behavior that has been occurring throughout political history in this country, the movement is fueled by political believes that are injected into society without regard to a lack of ethical, moral and legal standings.

The awakening spirit has occurred numerous times in my life, but nothing seem to change, the criminal is glorified, the victim no restitution and the cancer within our political system continues to grow, I think we are at a critical stage of erosion to the foundation of the Constitution and the Civil Liberties within our country, the same Individuals that chip away at the Constitution to destroy it, are the same Individuals that run and hide behind it to protect themselves.

These are some of the examples that contribute to the awakening movement in our current history; lack of accountability by our political leaders, the lack of addressing issues of Illegal, Unethical, and Immoral behavior in the Public sector, the extortion of Public fund for personal gain, exposed Public figure involved in criminal behavior and remains a Public figure, Clinton’s sexual affair in the White House and then perjury in front of a Grand Jury. A banking system and Insurance Industries that brought about the economic turmoil that effect millions on an economic scale and then rewarded for facial irresponsibility by receiving taxpayer dollars by the Obama administration in lieu of bailout funds, and the Obama doubling of the deficit within a 2 year period, which will affect the common taxpayer for generations, and the effects of the Oil Corporations irresponsibility in the destruction of the ecological system with the oil spills for personal gain, the Iraq war where public resources are used and precious life lost for Oil interest and monetary gain.

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