Our Forgotten Legacy

Americans recently celebrated the 4th of July. Across this great country, in large metropolitan areas and in small towns, people came together to remember and honor our founding fathers. There were picnics galore, grills were fired up, there were parades concerts and of course fireworks. From Maine to the Florida Keys, from Seattle to Baja and every where in between, Americans were celebrating. People came to together regardless of their political views to celebrate our Country’s Independence Day.

It is unfortunate that this joy and patriotism doesn’t occur the rest of the year. Too often, we as a people allow politics and politicians to pull us apart. This is something that politicians are really good at, they pull the American People apart for personal and political gain. Rarely if at all do they try and pull us together.

A very wise man once said, “Vote for the man, not the Party.” These words are now more important then ever. Neither of the major political parties are altruistic in there endeavors. Power, money and fame are all major players in political parties and with politicians. During political campaigns voters are treated to negative television, radio and other ads. We are also treated to a lot of “hot air”, promises that are never kept and just generally bad behavior. There is little to no honor among political parties or their candidates.

Our founding fathers left us a legacy to build upon, but one that some in this country seem dead set on tearing apart. With hidden agendas and millions of dollars to spend, political parties, politicians, special interest groups and others are tearing this country apart at the seams. They try and use the Constitution for their benefit, and disregard it when it gets in the way of what they want. There if no more, “For the Good of the People”, unless they are getting something from it.

Ask yourself this, when was the last time a member of the House or Senate worried about meeting their mortgage payment? When was the last time their utilities were cut off because they didn’t have a paycheck? Did they have to stop seeing their physician because they lost their insurance when they lost their job when the factory closed or moved to another country? Have they stopped taking their medications because they couldn’t afford it any longer? When was the last time they went to bed hungry? Wait, they can vote themselves raises, and they can receive a pension after only a 2 year term. Must be a great job if you can get it? It’s kind of like Marie Antoinette, “Let them eat cake!”

Washington Bureaucrats are really good at playing the Blame Game, but not very good at accepting blame. It doesn’t matter who is in office, someone else is always at fault. Until Americans start to realize that there big political parties play on our fears and uncertainty things will not change. Until Americans of all walks of life come together and realize that we need to take back our country, things are going to continue to go down hill. As Americans we need to send a clear message to our county, state and federal leaders that we have had enough of their game playing. We need to let them know that Americans are proud of their country and for what we once stood for in this world. Liberty, Justice, God and Freedom.

As a working wife and mother, I am quite aware of the difficult times that we live in. With high unemployment, families in this country are finding in difficult to make ends might. Our political leaders in local, state and federal levels are too far removed from the average American to understand our concerns.

Time and time again we voice our opinion and the media ignore us or simple view us as simple minded. We tell our so called legislative representatives what we want or don’t want and they either ignore us or bow to special interests.

While, one person can not turn the tide, I do have the Right ad ability to voice a perspective on the current political and social atmosphere in this country.

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