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Why Should You Manage Risk?

A good risk management plan means cheaper insurance premiums and a better deal for your business.

The reason for insurance is that by taking out insurance it transfers your risk of loss to the insurer, in exchange for a regular premium.

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Things To Look For When Choosing A Parcel Courier

First of all when it comes to choosing a parcel courier for next day deliveries then looking for one that is one hundred percent reliable must be the top factor that you should look for in a supplier. Having a very cheap parcel courier is great but not if they consistently let you down and fail to meet targets.

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What are the insurance policies?

Q1. Please let us know something about your personal and professional background and how did you start your career?

I started my career by setting up an event management firm back in 1999. After being associated with various local organizations, I enrolled for MBA in London from Cass Business School, City University London. Joined Investment banking consultancy before deciding to move back and contribute to the depleting Pakistani industry. Since then I have been closely working with Adamjee Insurance and henceforth Adamjee Life.

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Methods of Brewing Coffee – The Vacuum Pot

In this, the second in a series of articles discussing the various ways of brewing coffee, we talk about the vacuum method or the coffee siphon as it is also known.

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The original recipe for tiramisu, the perfect italian dessert

There are some dishes that virtually everyone likes, and that guarantee success at any dinner party. These are the dishes that I call the perfect menu just made of pizza and tiramisu. In my experience I have not found anyone who does not appreciate this menu and more importantly fitting both for adults and children. There are hoewever attentions that must be taken. For example, if there are children it is better to choose the recipe for tiramisu with no raw eggs with malt-coffee , the taste remains great and certainly your moms will appreciate this attention for the detail. And if you have people with the problem of CD, no problem, try the recipe for gluten-free pizza and everything is resolved.

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