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Finding Your Own Core Values

I have heard it said a number of times throughout my professional career CORE VALUES and to be honest, it sounds good. But really? What does it mean? How does one discover their Core Values and frankly WHY? What does it have to do with anything? Well, the truth is, maybe it isn’t important to you right now, but research shows that when your actions are inline with your Values, your feelings of success sky rocket! Many people believe, if you don’t know your core values, you become stuck and it is impossible to truly move forward. That’s a good enough reason for me! So if your ready? Lets get to it!

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Learn More About Funny Games

Looking for funny games for girls can at times be a trying task because most of those in the market are designed for a different target audience. Yet, they also want o have some fun and explore some of the things that affect the society in order to get an opportunity to learn. These are supposed to be entertaining as well as educative and while you might be wondering where to get a game that suits this description, try looking into some funny and interesting games. They come in different versions and varieties and as a player, one is able to choose those that auger well with them.

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Protection for Motorcycle Riders

Riding a motorcycle is quite exciting. Even if you are not a motocross rider or a racer, being one will give you an exhilarating feeling. That is why most thrill seekers love to drive motorcycles than four-wheel vehicles. However, motorcycles are riskier because they tend to make riders more prone to accidents. Thus, when driving one, you should wear motorcycle gear to keep you safe. Even the law in some U.S states mandates the use of protective gear when driving a motorbike to protect the rider.

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Do You Have To Teach Your Kids To Say They Are Sorry?

Parents need to know that saying “sorry” is part and parcel of teaching our children manners. If we want our children to get along with others we need to help them find ways to make amends for their mistakes and misdeeds.

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Is There Such a Thing As Seasonal Bridal Makeup?

As a professional makeup artist, I am constantly asked if there is really such a thing as seasonal bridal makeup. The answer is quite simple, Yes! Forget about what you were told looks good on you and what “season” you are by a beauty consultant. Bridal makeup is an entirely different story and careful consideration should be taken with every detail of your wedding, including your bridal makeup.

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Are Printer Ink Cartridges at the Top of Your Shopping List?

It is possible to reduce the cost of printer ink and toner cartridges, if you buy on-line from the internet. The first thing you will notice if you are new to shopping for printer supplies on-line is the number of choices you have. The main options are genuine, compatible, re-manufactured cartridges and ink refill kits. How can you choose the right option? Lets look at the options more closely.

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Travel by Flying

If you want to get to your destination faster than driving, or if you are crossing large bodies of water, flying would be your best option. Flying by plane can take about half the time, sometimes more, than driving; however, it tends to be more expensive than if you drove to your destination. You can either buy your plane ticket from a travels agent; however, it is more convenient to buy airline tickets via the internet. There are a lot of websites that are easily accessible like,, and that will compare all the different airlines for you. If you have an airline preference than you can skip the previously mentioned websites and visit the airline’s website directly like and All of these websites offer you to choose the dates you want to fly and it will search days before and after you chose so you can see the best price for you.

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How to Deal With Negativity During Lapband Surgery

If you have been struggling to lose weight and trying every single method that you can and still coming up short, you may be wondering whether or not there is anything out there that will help you. However, you may not have considered the surgical options such as lapband surgery. If you take the time to do the research get tested and realize that you are a candidate, then you may well decide to go forward with the procedure and start seeing the changes in your life that you may so desperately want.

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Commanding Your Fear of Dogs to Heel

Cynophobia is the clinical term for an irrational fear of dogs and it is not a pleasant feeling to experience. Imagine being a mother of a two-year old child and you are walking in the park, pushing your baby along in his stroller, when suddenly you see a dog ahead. His tail is up and wagging, his tongue is lolling to the side as he pants gently, his eyes seem to twinkle and his ears are alert as he looks about for the tennis ball he is supposed to bring back to his human friend.

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How To Choose The Correct Bowling Equipment

You don’t need much equipment to go bowling, but it is important that the equipment you have is the correct fit and size for you. You need the right kind of shoes and a bowling ball – that’s it! You might want to wear a pair of fingerless gloves to help you grip, but these are optional.

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Tips For Effective Boxing Training Workouts

Do you want to learn how to box? Boxing is not an easy sport to get into, unlike baseball or basketball because boxing is more of a physical sport. You can really get hurt inside the ring, even if it is just during practice. In fact, you will experience pain because it is the nature of the sport. That is why it is important for you to do the right boxing training workouts so you can be better prepared for it.

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Anniversary Gift Options

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

A wedding anniversary is one of those dates that should never slip from memory, but somehow often gets lost in the hustle and bustle of daily life. Husbands, of course, are stereotypically notorious for forgetting the anniversary day. Your wedding anniversary only happens once every 365 days, though, so pay close attention not to miss it and strive to make each one more memorable than the last. A thoughtfully planned anniversary celebration can rekindle the flame and put your relationship back on the right track if the past year has been less than kind. For many women, the most memorable part of an anniversary is the care that her husband puts into creating a special moment. The best possible combination for making a woman feel special on her anniversary day is a thoughtful blend of romantic gestures and a gift.

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Traveling With Your Pet

Choosing a pet carrier can be fun and with so many options available you’re sure to find one that fits your needs. Before you buy a carrier it is important to realize why you’re buying it and how much you will be using it. This will determine what sort of features you should look for when you are purchasing your dog’s mobile home. Once you determine what you are going to use the small dog carrier for you will be able to find just the right dog carrier for you and your pet.

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IB Physics – 7 Ways to Get a 7

IB Physics, especially at the Higher Level, is one of the most difficult subjects in the IB Diploma. Nonetheless, it is still very possible to attain a 7. In fact, according to the IB Statistical Report in November 2009, 31% of Standard Level Candidates and 20% of Higher Level Candidates received a 7. This means that on average, in a class of 20 HL students, 4 will get a 7.

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