Travel by Flying

If you want to get to your destination faster than driving, or if you are crossing large bodies of water, flying would be your best option. Flying by plane can take about half the time, sometimes more, than driving; however, it tends to be more expensive than if you drove to your destination. You can either buy your plane ticket from a travels agent; however, it is more convenient to buy airline tickets via the internet. There are a lot of websites that are easily accessible like,, and that will compare all the different airlines for you. If you have an airline preference than you can skip the previously mentioned websites and visit the airline’s website directly like and All of these websites offer you to choose the dates you want to fly and it will search days before and after you chose so you can see the best price for you.

The websites offer you to choose the airport you wish to depart from and arrive at, as long as the airlines fly into it. Even if you have an airport in the city where you live I would suggest searching nearby airports for departing and arriving airports because it allows for you to receive the best price possible because larger airports and smaller airports have different prices for tickets. Another recommendation to avoid higher prices than there needs to be is avoiding certain times to fly. The week of Thanksgiving is the busiest week for airlines so prices increase due to the high demand. The day before and after Christmas and New Years Eve and day are also some dates to try and avoid to get around the increased prices of the holidays. The best days to travel to receive lower prices are Tuesday through Thursday because that is when the business travelers fly less.

Before flying you want to make sure you read up on the new laws and regulations that are put into effect by the government and airlines on flying restrictions such as checked luggage and carry-on. There are certain items that one is not allowed to take onto the plane with them, or for check baggage. After checking the restrictions you can pack your luggage. I would suggest packing snacks, and entertainment items on your carry-on such as magazines, books, laptops, and music players to pass the time. You do not want to forget your boarding pass and photo ID before leaving the house because those items are checked a couple times before you even board the plane, but you would not even make it that far because they are checked at security.

Flying and driving are some of the most popular ways to travel. There are a couple other ways like by boat or train but driving or flying can be faster, sometimes cheaper, and you have more flexibility in the options. Flying and driving each have their advantages and disadvantages for your own travel preferences. Driving is slower but you can be on your own time schedule, flying is faster but can be more expensive. Whatever you choose make sure it is right for you and whatever travel companions you have and enjoy the trip to your final destination.

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