Affordable and Wonderful Flying by Kingfisher Airlines

The convenience, the time-saving aspect, the fascination, and the comfortability associated with traveling by air have brought a revolution in the airline industry not only in India but across the world. Gone were the days when royal clans, business tycoons, and the wealthy sections of the society enjoyed flying by air. Today, it is common for the general masses to fly from one city to another; thanks to the increase of the airlines count as well as the affordability.

There are numerous airlines in India; one worth mentioning known for specialized services and world class entertainment and food on board is Kingfisher Airlines. If you have booked Kingfisher flights to visit any of the domestic or international destinations it covers, you can be assured of availing hospitality, enjoying comfortability, and getting entertained to your satisfaction no matter what the distance covered.

To know more about the destinations covered, long haul routes, short haul routes, airfare deals, rewards, and related paraphernalia, visit the official website of the airline. Hot deals are exhibited in the homepage to the advantage of the travel freaks. Kingfisher short haul routes are mostly domestic apart from some cities in South Asia, South East Asia and South West Asia. The fleet types used for such routes are the Airbus A320 family aircraft; for Kingfisher domestic regional routes, a fleet of ATR 42s and ATR 72s is operated.

Kingfisher Flights concerning long haul routes are centred on East Asia, South East Asia, and Europe. It was in September 2008 that Kingfisher Airlines launched its first long haul destination to London. Implementation of plans of starting new long haul flights to major cities in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania is underway. A fleet of the Airbus A330-200 is operated for the long haul Kingfisher flights; new aircrafts will be used for the new destinations to be covered.

To book your Kingfisher flights, you can either visit the airline’s official website or a travel portal. Even with the wealth of facilities offered on board, flying by Kingfisher suits the budget of all.

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