Get Enrolled In A CNA Course

Certified nursing assistant courses are programs offered by various colleges and universities to provide training for certified nursing assistants. A certified nursing assistant is a type of nurse which is the lowest in rank but plays a very vital role in the health care. These nurses always stay in direct contact with the patients. It is their duty to help the patients with all their daily activities like eating, moving in and out of bed and many other similar activities. To be enrolled in theses courses, there are no strict education requirements, you can get enrolled in these programs only if you have a high school diploma and some institutes do not even demand that.
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A standard cna certification course usually contains 11 sections. This course is based on both theoretical knowledge as well as practical training. This program is usually completed in less than 3 months. When you join this course the first week contains only theory work and then from the second week you will be get practical training in the ward of a nearby hospital. This practical training will allow you to get the brief idea about your work at the job as a certified nursing assistant.

There are three ways in which you can join these courses. Firstly you can join any college or university which is offering these programs but before taking admission one must make sure that the institute he or she is going to join is accredited by the state’s board of nursing. Red Cross is a very well recognized institute which is offering these programs in many cities throughout the country. Other schools work very hard on their students but getting your training from a school like Red Cross always give you advantage in getting a job.

Secondly you can join an online certified nursing assistant course; this will allow you to get your training in the comfortable atmosphere of your own home. These online schools will also make arrangements for your practical assessment to be conducted in a nearby hospital or nursing home. Another method of you getting your training is to get your training from a nursing home. There are many nursing homes which allow you to get the certified nursing assistant training classes for free. These nursing homes may not charge you anything for your training but they will make you sign an agreement which will restrict you to work only with them for a certain time period. This may be favorable to those who cannot afford the college course, but for those who can afford to join a college this may be not a very good idea.

After completing your training you will be required to take an exam exam to get your certification. Once you get your certification, you will be able to start your career as a certified nursing assistant. Certified nursing assistants usually work for 40 hours every week in five shifts, with each shift of 8 hours. They may also have to work on weekends, holidays and in night shifts. These nurses usually get paid on a high pay scale of 10 dollars per hour.

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