Causes and Symptoms of Eye Fatigue

Eye muscle fatigue or simply eye fatigue is generally caused by excessive use of the eyes. Nowadays, lengthy hours spent in front of the computer strain the eyes not only of the young and old but also of the employed and unemployed. Studies show that eye fatigue caused by such has birthed to a condition called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS. The latter affects almost 90% of computer users worldwide with 70% to 80% of them needing eye glasses to ease the weariness of their eyes.

Focusing on a computer screen that is too close to the eyes for long hours makes one’s sense of sight tired and sore with burning sensation. Moreover, it results to dry eyes reducing the normal blink rate of the eyes. The computer screen’s glare may progress a normal eye fatigue to intraocular spasm which may eventually lead to pseudo-myopia. Beside the eye muscles, neck, back and shoulder muscles also suffer from extensive computer use.

Presbyopia is another condition triggered by eye fatigue. Deteriorating vision characterizes presbyopia which is not a disease but a natural phenomenon where in as people age, their eye muscles lose elasticity needed for 20/20 vision. People affected by presbyopia often resolve to eye squinting to overcome blurred vision. This habit is neither effective in improving a hazy eyesight, rather, it will only increase one’s headaches and astigmatism.

Eye fatigue can be alleviated with proper nutrition and exercise. Having a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals can improve the condition of your eyes. Dry eyes, for one, result from lack of mucus that provides moisture for the eyes. Having an abundant supply of carrots and other vegetables known for their Vitamin A and B content can help relieve dry eyes.

On the other hand, there are eye exercises with easy steps that anyone can do whenever the warning signs of eye fatigue overwhelm the windows of the soul.

Here are some of them:

· Blink 300 times per day. Apart from tear secretion and keeping the eyes clean, blinking can prevent the eyes from being dry. Computer users have a reduced blinking rate. Instead of blinking 20 times per minute, their eyelids bat only 15 times. Have a conscious attempt to blink your eyes at the advised rate.

· Follow the eye compression method. This procedure will only take 20 seconds of your precious time. Close both of your eyes. Feel your eyeballs and gently push them in rotation with your index finger, middle finger and ring finger.

· Do the Glabella compression method. Push in rotation the space below the roots of the eyebrows with the abdomen of the thumb. Do this first on the left eye followed by the right eye. This method may be repeated up to three times.

· Massage your forehead with the underside of your three central fingers. Run your fingers in rotation from the forehead to the temple. Afterwards, push your temple with your forefinger to apply stress. This massage may be repeated up to five times a day.

Wearing computer glasses or eye glasses while working in front of the computer or just simply crafting and reading can reduce the eye fatigue symptoms too. However, preventive measures such regulated computer use and having a healthy diet still remain the best options to avert such eye condition.

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