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How To Stop Your Child From Being A Picky Eater

It happens to many parents. Our babies and toddlers eat a healthy diet and then all of a sudden we hear those words: “I don’t like vegetables!” I remember the first time I heard those words, I was a bit dumb-founded and was quick to reply “but you have been eating them for years.” It didn’t matter what I said, my young son was adamant he longer liked them. Just like that. Thankfully I found a way to overcome this challenge and was well prepared when his younger sister and brother made the same declaration.

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Coping with a Problem Child

Who haven’t heard the expression “problem child”, but what exactly is it?

A problem child is somebody that is out of control. If you’re battling with a kid that’s obnoxious, disrespectful or abusive towards you then you really have trouble in your hands.

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Teaching Our Children Gratitude

In a time when needs and desires are instantly gratified, and where opportunities and privileges are abundant, we may find that our children are developing an “all for nothing” attitude without expressing the gratitude that is warranted. Expression of gratitude is vital to every individuals’ growth as it teaches us to appreciate what we have. It also teaches us to respect kindness and service, as well as appreciating their sources. I offer up three simple ideas to help teach our children the importance of gratitude in their own lives.

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How To Be A Good Mother

Asking yourself how to be a good mother is an excellent thing. But please remember that there’s no such thing as a bad mother! There are just parenting skills and guidelines that need to be understood and applied.

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Does Your Child Understand Money?

Is your child ready to survive in the real world? The world of money, income and debt? Our households, cities, states and nations are drowning in debt because many adults never learned fiscal responsibility.

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How Childcare Agencies Can Help Your Family

Modern parents are busier than ever. Balancing the demands of family life with your work commitments is difficult, but this is where professional childcare agencies can help. Whether you have a new baby or older children, a nanny will be able to give you the extra pair of hands that can make life a lot easier, allowing you to relax and make the most of the time you do have with your children.

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Grandchildren Under the Care of Grandparents

The behavior of your grandchildren changes when they are with their grandparents. According to observations, the grandchildren that were raised by their grandparents are likely to have a positive result when it comes to their behavior. Some of them are less rebellious, caring, more understanding, and appreciative compared to other children. Usually, they are disciplined in terms of time. They are aware of curfew and they actually obey and practice it. These grandchildren know that their grandparents are waiting for them, so they don’t want to make them worry. This is the reason why they go home early or as what time they say they will. Time is essential to them, so they honor it.

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Keeping You and Your Children Safe in Birmingham

Birmingham is a large yet safe city and is well policed at all hours. However, there are areas that should be avoided after dark and Friday/Saturday night scuffles on the busy streets such as Broad Street are quite possible.

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Choosing Toys for 3 to 5-year olds

The more expensive toys do not really mean “value” for your child. There are smarter choices in toys for kids age 3 to 5 years old. One great way of ensuring your child gets all the essential building blocks of learning at this crucial stage is by providing him with age-appropriate toys.

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7 Tips for Choosing Kids Playsets

There is something you are sure about, you want to buy a playset for you kids or may be to give one as a gift. But what you are not sure about is which one to chose. Exists many options in the market, so it is a comlplex task.

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Kids Should Comply with Parents

Compliance simply means obeying when your parents have asked you to do something. Your parents always want the best for you. You should not think that they are against you when they are trying to correct you. By obeying your parents, you show that you honor and respect them. You will also make them happy and proud of you. It is not always easy to obey but you can do it with the best of your abilities.

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Father’s Day – What to do with your Dad

Everybody has a different relationship with their Dad – some Fathers might spend weekends fishing or teaching their son to drive, whilst others might consider time lounging on the sofa watching the match ‘quality time’. Regardless, our Dads really do care, so perhaps it’s time to give a little something back?

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Children and the Internet

Not a day goes by when we don’t hear about some internet activity that places our children in harms way.

I have just received another flyer from the school regarding ‘an expert’ speaker on how to protect our kids on the internet.

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Helping Your Child Grow Ethically

Children’s doctors differ in opinion over what kind of formula is good to raise a fit child. In the end and luckily in spite of parental failure about the planet the majority of children develops and turns into content and fit grownups. While this might establish a perfect kind of formula to create a fit youngster will have some type of guideline it can also aid parents in understanding those parts of existence that can be enjoyed in the stages of growing up.

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Danger Signs of Adolescent Suicide

When a teen makes the ultimate decision to take their life, everyone feels the loss.

Family members, counselors, friends, teachers, and teammates often feel guilt, confusion and an intense grief. There is always the sense that maybe the suicide could have been prevented if they had seen the signs. Some of these signs may be subtle while others are a desperate cry for help. Learning these warning signs of suicide and reaching out for help can save a teen’s life.

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Summer Camp Programs for Out of Control Teenagers in Kentucky

Living with a child who has been diagnosed with ADHD can be stressful for the entire family. Yet seeking the proper treatment and support through therapeutic boarding schools can make a tremendous difference in the lives of everyone involved, especially for the teen. In Kentucky is a quick look at the different types of counseling and behavior therapy methods available at therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens. Students will participate in one-on-one counseling sessions as well as group sessions.

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Learn More About Dealing With Intestinal Colic

Colic in babies can be something that just relegated as part of the development process and the hardships of child caring; but in horses, it is a different thing. Colic in horses is an emergency case. In fact, this is one of the worst nightmares of horse lovers and horse owners. This is because despite treatment, most horses will not get better, especially those who do not respond to therapy so well.

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Socialization Questions with Homeschooling

How successfully a child who receives homeschooling becomes well socialized will depend on several factors. But in the end it reduces to the choices made by parents as well as available resources. Parents who home school their kids have to give them every opportunity to develop socially, and not only intellectually.

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Real Life Parenting Advice

You can find parenting advice almost anywhere The internet and bookstores are packed with options Parenting is the main topic of many websites. But like everyting on the internet, it is important that you remember that not all advice given is effective. Effective tips are harder to come by. Here are a few tips that are effective and very easy to implement.

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Loving a Leapfrog: Educational Games on the Road

“Are we there yet?”

You’ve probably heard this question asked time and again when in the car, stuck in traffic, or on those long road trips. Kids get squirrely sitting in the backseat with nothing to do but stare out the window. In our day, we would have made use of the time by playing a road sign game, I Spy, or playing imagination games. Sadly, times have changed.

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