Kids Should Comply with Parents

Kids Should Comply with Parents

Compliance simply means obeying when your parents have asked you to do something. Your parents always want the best for you. You should not think that they are against you when they are trying to correct you. By obeying your parents, you show that you honor and respect them. You will also make them happy and proud of you. It is not always easy to obey but you can do it with the best of your abilities.

Compliance means obeying with or without the presence of your parents. Your parents are the best teachers and they don’t want you to get hurt or harmed. When your parents tell you that you should not play with the knife and did not comply with it, then you end up wounding or hurting yourself. It is not good that you learn the lesson in a hard way and it would make your parents very worried if something bad happens to you. Another thing is when your parents tell you that you should not play with fire, you should comply with it. Playing with fire can hurt yourself, your family and your neighbors. You may end up losing your own home and your properties. No parent would be happy to see his or her child suffering or hurting.

You should also understand that breaking the rules have always a price to pay. If you were told to fix your toys before watching television, you should do that first or else your parents would not let you watch your favorite cartoons. Another thing is when you were told to do your household chores, you should do that first or else you would not be allowed to go outside and play with your friends.

When your parents want you to do something, do not delay it. Do it whenever you can and do not wait until later. This will make you accomplish your task immediately and this will make your parents happy. When your parents say “NO”, do not scream, cry or get upset. Always remember that they know better and they always want the best for you. Do not be mean or scream at your parents because this is very respectful and unpleasing.

Obedience, even starting at an early age, would make you into a successful adult later on because in life, there are many set of rules we have to obey. If you fail to obey, all you can get is tragedy, disappointments and failure. When you are obedient, all you can get is blessing, love and suppor