How to Get Free Legal Advice

Looking for advice can be really tiring and seem like a labyrinth. If you turn to the internet to look for legal assistance then you will be bombarded with all kinds of websites offering their expert services. Free online legal advice can be really useful but there are some pitfalls to filling in forms on websites that offer free advice.

More often than not when you fill in an online form requesting free legal help you will get countless companies calling you offering their services and products. This can be very frustrating, all of the companies have expert sales teams who will do everything to convince you that you need their services and they are the best. You actually end up needing help deciding which company you should use to give you help! Confused yet?

How to avoid being hounded by sales calls

Only provide your email address, if you get pestered just block the emails and you won’t get any more from the company. It is advisable to give an email address that you don’t use as your main one.

If you do give them your telephone number, when the company rings you make it clear to them that you do not wish to receive countless sales calls and be pestered, ask them to add this request to your notes not forgetting to take the name of the person you spoke to including the time of the call. If they do breach this agreement ask to speak to a manager and provide them with the name of the sales person who promised you no sales calls. Be firm!

Make sure the site you fill the form in from does not pass on your details to third parties. You should be able to find this on their privacy policy page. If you cannot find a privacy policy page, email the company and ask them why they do not have one.

There are a few good legal advice companies who are fully aware of their client’s position and offer a no hassle guarantee. They pride themselves on being there when you need them and don’t hassle you when you don’t need them. Rather than contacting the first free legal advice company that you find on the internet, it will be worth while taking your time to browse and find a website that clearly states that they will not hassle you or pass your details to third parties.

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