Preparing to Make a Plaintiff’s Claim in the Small Claims Court

If you have decided to sue someone in the Ontario Small Claims court there are some things you will want to think about before making your Plaintiiffs Claim.

1. Record the main points as it relates to your case on a word document. Who? Where? What? When? and How? This is what you should consider when recording your thoughts.

2. Were there any impartial witnesses to the events? Would they be willing to testify if your matter got to court?

3. What evidence/documentation do you have to prove your case and support the damages you are claiming?

4. Have you attempted to make a settlement with the other side?

Once you have thought through your case, it’s time to complete your Ontario Small Claims Court Plaintiffs Claim forms. The Ontario Small Claims Court process can be tricky so you have many options that you can use if you are ready to create your Ontario Small Claims Court forms. We have listed them from most expensive to least expensive and have outlined some the “pro’s and con’s” for each.

Lawyer/Paralegal – Con: Can be an expensive option and you may not be able to recover your legal costs through the court. Pro: If you have a complex legal problem it is advisable to seek legal advice.

Do it Your Self – Con: If the Ontario Small Claims Court forms are not completed correctly it may interfere with your ability to obtain a judgment. If you go to the court to seek help completing your forms, you could be there all day, losing income, waiting in long line ups and incurring the expense of parking and lunch. Pro: It is still less expensive than hiring a lawyer or paralegal.

Create Your Plaintiffs Claim Online – Pro: There are online services like Easy Court where you can go to create your Ontario Small Claims Court forms. This online tool guides you through an easy to use, point and click tutorial. At the end your Ontario Small Claim Court forms will all be populated in the correct format and instantly available to down load and print. Con: You will have to think of what you are going to do with the extra time and money that you save.

No matter which route you choose it important that if you plan on suing someone in the Ontario Small Claims Court you do so prepared.