Weight Loss Tips – Staying Committed

OK, so you searched for your weight loss tips. Then made up your mind. This time things were going to change. Then you even started that diet and exercise regiment. You were on a roll. Who knew you could do it. The confidence is building. Your feeling pretty good and then it happens, it always does. You fill in the blank. I can give you a few scenarios. Say you have a wife and kids and they were begging for those cookies and mommy not one to disappoint well guess what now that cookie aroma waves through the house and you walk in. Cheating here we come.

Another one. You go out with friends and go to a nice restaurant. Man those sliders and fries smell good. What do you do? One more for you. It is those special occasions. Christmas, the Super Bowl. Your birthday. All these represent the same thing. They are all opportunities to cheat. Times when you look yourself in the eye and say all those times I worked so hard but man it would be worth it to give in just this once. Then you even tell yourself hey it is one time so I pig out the one time and then I will be good. There is one problem once you have binged it is a lot harder to get back on course.

This scenario certainly happened to me. I had decided this was it. I was going to get this done. I started on the treadmill thirty minutes a night. I also did pushups and situps. I watched my carbs. I switched to whole grains instead of white flour. Now I know they say there are so many diets out there. There are that is true. However the premise is the same. You make a change in your life and then somewhere along the line it happens. My biggest hiccup was the family vacation. The hotel did not have a gym but it had a pool. So I swam. But I also went out to eat a lot, came home late many times and was too exhausted to exercise. The regiment was broken and with that the continued commitment to my dream was too. Now am I saying that therefore give up on everything, absolutely not.

I am here to tell you do not give in. The weight loss program will be for not. But do give in. Am I confusing you? I hope so. The idea is to balance yourself. If you really want to change and have those weight loss tips pay off then you have to understand that it is not about the extremes. You will crash and burn quickly. Think about it. If you deprive yourself of everything then the very first think you try, you are going to want more and more and more of that until you are well off course and are crying on a couch somewhere as to what happened here. So my advice. Have a slider. You’ll enjoy and then pull back. So you stay five extra minutes on the treadmill. pounds you Better then five extra never expected.

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