Interval Training for Rapid Fat Loss

When it comes to losing weight safely and effectively, there are several ways to amp up your efforts in order to get quicker results. A quality weight loss program should include nutritional modification as well as an effective workout regimen. The Orlando Weight Loss Program combines healthy eating with valuable exercise tools that will give you the results you want in a very short amount of time.

One of the best methods for losing fat quickly is boosting the metabolism. Interval training is a successful way to speed up the body’s metabolism and get rid of excess weight swiftly. Interval training consists of alternating low and high intensity workouts. By mixing a quick surge of high energy activity with a longer period of slower paced movement, you essentially fool your body. You are able to elevate your heart to a higher level than you could with a typical cardio workout, because the alternate low-level activity allows your body to temporarily recover. This prepares your body for the next high intensity segment.

An interval training routine allows you to condense an effective workout into just minutes a day. Alternating high and low intensity exercises means you will burn out more slowly, and you will not need a long recovery time. Because the body cannot function at an extremely high pace for a long period, a conventional cardio workout loses its effectiveness in time. Interval training enables you to maintain a high level of energy throughout the entire workout.

Not only does an interval training program increase your performance, it burns more calories than a typical workout. By boosting your metabolism, you burn calories long after your workout routine is finished. Calorie burning can continue for as long as 24 hours after an interval regimen. You can achieve all your weight loss goals rapidly and with very little effort by simply fooling your body with several short, high intensity bursts.

The high intensity segments in this type of routine are called sprints. A sprint can be anything that rapidly increases your heart rate. The lower intensity portion is called the rest phase and includes any low impact, slow activity. This phase allows your body to recover from the energy spurts you feel during a sprint. Sprints should be done for approximately 30 seconds with a resting phase of 90 seconds. A typical program should not last longer than 15 minutes and should be done 2 to 3 times per week. The muscles need time to recover after such an extreme workout.

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