What Misunderstanding Ways of Losing Weight Getting You Fatter?

Everyone loves beauty and every woman wants to have a slim figure. That’s why there are so many women trying to lose weight and keep fit. If you are losing weight, you should be careful don’t use these ways to getting you fatter.

For health and effective losing weight, paying attention to these misunderstandings weight loss can help avoid falling into the dieting trap which may make you fatter and fatter. Following are ways which should be avoided of weight loss.

The first error: only eat vegetables and fruits

Although researches show that vegetarians usually are slimmer than meat-eaters, if trying this way to lose weight, you should formulate a strict and perfect eating plan. Vegetables and fruits can’t supply enough essential nutrients for the body, such as iron, calcium and vitamin D, vitamin B12, zinc and animal protein. Therefore, long-term simple diet structure causes nutritional deficiencies and is harm to health.

The second error: grapes, celery, cabbage and so on help burn fat

In fact, for now, no scientific research have proved that food can help burn fat, even though food containing caffeine can accelerate metabolism speed, but it doesn’t mean that it can help lose weight.

The third error: high protein and low starch diet structure is helpful for reducing weight

Actually, the research on long-term effects on health of high protein and low starch diet structure is still needed. Only eating high protein food causes nutritional imbalances, such as eggs, meat and cheese and so on, meantime, high protein food also may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease because of excessive fat and cholesterol intake. In addition, no eating vegetables, fruits and cereals are apt to cause constipation. Less than 130 grams of starch intake will increase the amount of uric acid, which leads to kidney stones and gout.

The forth error: meat is harm for health and don’t benefit weight loss

Few people know that eating small amounts of meat is a part of the healthy way to weight loss. Chicken, pork, fish and so on certainly contain cholesterol and saturated fat, but they also contain healthy elements, such as protein, iron, zinc, etc, which are helpful for our health.

The fifth error: high fat food such as seeds can’t eat

Seeds such as peanuts, melon seeds, nuts and so on indeed contain rich fat, but much unsaturated fatty acid, such as linolenic acid and linoleic acid, are extremely beneficial to health. The nutrients in seeds such as protein, dietery fiber and many minerals are good to health.

When losing weight, no matter how, keeping healthy is the first thing to be considered. Health is over beauty.

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